Hats for baths and saunas, buy in Almaty, the price of Vagonka.kz
  1. Caps for a bath

Caps for a bath

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Bath hat – a key accessory to the bathers.

the Violent fans of steam baths, health conscious, well aware that the cap for bath bath one of the most important attributes.
pbez properly sized headgear being in the bath will not bring benefits to the body and a good mood, and only harm.
Segodnya hats bath – is not a whim, not a privilege and not a fashion statement and a practical accessory designed to protect your hair from damage and the head from heat stroke.
CLIMAT in the steam room quite aggressive, and bath cap is what – it is like a thermos, maintaining a constant temperature regardless of exteal fluctuations. The head does not overheat and stays clear. If the same person visits a treatment without headgear, he can obtain a strong thermal shock, after which his health may be accompanied by nausea and severe headache.
note beanie for baths should have the following properties: protection, attractiveness, practicality, convenience, safety.
papki for saunas and baths: the form and material of manufacture.
golovnye parts for steam not burdened by any standards, their form depends on the skills and imagination of the producers. Most importantly, covered the back of the head and eyes from the hot steam and the heated spray.
PPA the basis of the material it is best to take only natural products, synthetics simply don't need. 
For the manufacture of caps used cotton and woolen cloth, and linen. Wool is the most popular because it protects your head from high temperatures, as it has excellent insulation properties.
note bath attributes is usually made of felt and felt. Both of these heat-resistant material composed of natural fibers of wool, and well perform its basic protective function. Vary according to the method of manufacture.
Samimi popular models of hats are: hat, helmet budenovka, cocked. Also popular caps: pirates, headdress, cowboy and others. The more creative the design of the headdress, the cost is higher.
kupiti caps for a bath can be all over Kazakhstan, not only in the specialized departments of the goods for the pair, but in the usual big supermarkets, and sometimes even gas stations. This product is very popular in the market and the price is low. In different cities of the Republic, in Astana, Karaganda, Shymkent, Almaty, bath hats are from 600 tenge and above.

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