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Thermometer for bath – purpose and types.

Bath thermometer – the most important accessory for a steam room, designed to show the exact temperature, pressure and humidity. It brings the bath is not only good, but also effectively fit into it the interior.
plyboy thermometer for sauna or steam room must comply with the following requirements:
adejnosti and safety.
sposobnosti to withstand high humidity and temperature.
on each device should be equipped with a special protection that allows to protect him external harm.
corpus should not warm up too much to avoid burns and injuries.
sushestvuet three types of thermometers: dial, electronic (digital) and liquid.
strelochnye measuring devices are also called mechanical, because visually they resemble a clock dial and a round dial. Arrow have only one indicating the exact temperature at the moment.
psuty of operation of such devices is shown in the ability of the spring to change the compression ratio solely from thermal effects in the doubles room. Minus gauges is that they can have small errors in comparison with their more modernized counterparts.
cifrovye devices are the most accurate of all types of thermometers. Have little boxes of plastic or metal with a functional display. The temperature sensor is mounted on the end of the wire, and the thermometer can be placed outside of the steam room. Such devices are very accurate, they have great information perception and good performance of temperature control.
prodastsya thermometers also called capillary. For them, the basis of a tube with liquid. Previously, as a fluid used mercury, but today instead it uses alcohol, kerosene, or toluene.
sushestvuet even a combined version of the bath measuring devices. This bath station. This device shows not only the temperature but the humidity, and sometimes even comes with the clock.
NIN Kazakhstan bath instrumentation represented a wide range of specialized markets and shops selling goods for doubles.
Srednyaya price of thermometers for steam in Almaty is 1500 tenge. In Astana and other cities of the Republic you can buy them at the same rates.

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