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the Broom bath – an indispensable tool in the steam room.

the most important attribute of any are steam bath brooms. No wonder people have come up about them so many wise sayings, and every self-respecting attendant in the bath without a broom will not do, because he understands that it will be wasted time.
mnogie connoisseurs bath procedures at the stage of construction of most steam think through what kind of broom will show off in their bathhouse. To buy this valuable attribute is not the problem, they have a wide assortment on the shelves of Kazakhstan shops that sell different bathing utensils. The cost of the most popular at all times of the birch whisk in Almaty is KZT 1,000. In Astana and other cities of the country prices are identical. Some people do not trust the products from stores, and prefer to harvest the switches for the steam room alone, well, here everyone chooses for himself.
poniki for bath are different, but they all have one purpose – body massage, but the heat pumping. There is a perception that a broom needed to whip a person's skin is harder, but it is fundamentally wrong, and doing wrong. Upon heating of the steam room stands out with a high fever, the stronger the attendant will wield the broom, the more likely to leave a burn on the human body. Massage with a broom must be done carefully smooth uniform movements.
vrdp choice broom for the steam room you need to pay attention not only to its shape, appearance and type of wood from which it is made, but to remember that for each of them there is the time of day.
sushestvujut two categories of switches for bath morning and evening, the first contributing a cheerful mood for the whole day, and the second contribute to vigorous and sturdy bed for a person. For morning use suitable twigs of ash and nettles, and the evening brooms are of birch, Linden, eucalyptus, pine and oak.
vrdp right to use any broom for sauna or bath has a beneficial effect n the body, giving him a preventive and healing effect. Consider three of the most popular bath broom
Punic birch helps to relieve muscle pain, promotes regeneration of wounds, improves overall health and promotes rapid relief from colds.
Punic of lime – the best remedy for headaches. Also it cleans the skin from toxins, bringing from it all the dross, and is an excellent preventive remedy for cold-related ailments.
PHONIC oak well relaxes the muscles and calms the nervous system, contributing to lowering blood pressure.

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