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  1. BBQ grill – your amazing picnic at home.

BBQ grill – your amazing picnic at home.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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the Grills & ndash; a barbecue entered the Kazakh market relatively recently, but has already become a favorite tool for a fun and colourful party with aromatic kebabs. Besides, ask any of the cottager, where to prepare the most tender and delicious meat, and he confidently answer that there is no better meat dishes than treats baked in a grill-barbecue.

Let's examine the topic in more depth and understand what is “grilled” and that "barbecue"?

The term "barbecue" we fleetingly got acquainted in the first article, and yet what associations people have for the first time hear this word?

Here are two explanations: the first – this is similar to the American tradition to go to the nature and arranging picnics, and the second – this is a special technology of preparation of dishes of meat.  regarding the gastronomy, barbecue – it's cooking on the coals products at low (small) temperature. Even in English, this technology is: “slow-n-low", literally “slowly and at low (not high) temperatures”.

And the result is not the roasting meat, and longing for a couple-three hours at a temperature of to 120 C. Oh, how gentle it turns out this meat!
The grill is exactly roasting on an open fire, that is throwing a Burger or a steak on a heated surface, you will fry them in just a few minutes, served them on the table.

Often these concepts are confused, but this is because in the US there is also a separate technique called "grill – barbecue", where you can cook any food on the coals.
It means that the modern device “grills-barbecue” give the possibility of preparing any food, be it vegetables, steaks, mushrooms, fish or pies with berries. Just the word “BBQ" many people associate with meat, and after hearing about the unit, BBQ grill, imagination is limited to only meat dishes. And the thing is universal, so prepare it – want and enjoy life all year round.

the Grill & ndash; a barbecue – this device is equipped with a specialized lid, where it is this feature of the design allows proirity meat on all sides. And the holes and louvers in the pan and cover, run the tributaries of the air, adjusting the temperature in the roasting pan.

In selling stores, Almaty you can buy various barbecue-grill products, equipped with the right accessories, and at very reasonable price. To their additional fixtures include: drawers for spices and niches, folding tables, units on wheels, and more. It is important to understand that their value depends directly on functionality.

These units are especially popular in the warm time of the year when people love to organize party in large companies, accompanying all of this magnificent feast. All accompanied by culinary delights prepared at the grill – Barbecuing on any area of the garden. Although BBQ can be arrange all year round, not just in the summer. It all depends on you!


For sites in the open air is the perfect portable outside grill-BBQ, the weight of which is small, and depending on its settings you can choose the best place in the garden! There are also stationary areas, grills, installed in one particular location.

There are following kinds of constructions by type of material:

Units of stainless steel. A good option, however, in operation, sometimes grows dull, and loses its original appeal.

Units of ceramics. Ceramic brilliantly saves the value of food, eliminating fumes and odors.

Units of their enamel. Not the best option, because the enamel is coming off quickly.

The units are made of cast iron. These designs are the most persistent and durable, and visually quite beautiful.

Technical features are the following grills-BBQ

Grill on electricity or as it its called the grill – a barbecue for your home or apartment. This is a portable device equipped with various accessories designed primarily for enclosed spaces.

Grill on the gas. These units are equipped with burners on the gas quickly heats the grate and the pan, which gives the opportunity evenly to fry food.
An open flame in them!

A grill with wood. Such devices are economical and they are based on durable cast iron.

Grill on coal. It is very reliable machines, where there is iron and steel. They tolerate high temperatures and have a capacity for burning coal. On such vessels there is a little lattice La of the intensity of heating food. Also among the coal models have original grill – a barbecue on wheels.

Smokehouse – grill – a multifunctional unit where the cover – zakrevska can serve as braziers, smokehouse and grill!

the Grill & ndash; a barbecue – is a universal tool that will give you good mood, because you can organize a fun picnic in the company of close friends or relatives without the special funds.

The range of “Pinocchio and" you will find different models, BBQ-grill, ranging from portable devices to larger devices, one of which is the wonderful grill – station "Vulkan".

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