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  1. Electric furnace Sawo is a Finnish high-class quality at reasonable price!

Electric furnace Sawo is a Finnish high-class quality at reasonable price!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Since ancient years, our ancestors claimed that the bathhouse place is absolutely amazing, giving man not only bodily purity, but also beauty, youth, vigor, health, a bright mind, and of course the attention of the opposite sex.

Bathing traditions for centuries formed, so it is akin to a sacred ritual where everyone needs to pay attention to detail just can not be.

So decided to build a steam room, carefully consider its arrangement to eliminate the negative effects.

The leading role in setting a good bath-house is vested exclusively in the furnaces.

the Furnaces for baths have several key responsibilities: warming the water, protopo buildings, the heating of stones to produce steam.

All stoves regardless of type must meet certain requirements: settings, power, and security.

Everyone knows that the kiln classification consists of different parameters: depending on the energy are: wood burning furnaces for baths models on gas and electricity.

Regarding the materials they are made of brick and metal, and the temperature of the outer walls, they are divided into hot and cold.

Much in demand today have electric furnace for bath.

This is understandable, because they are practical, compact, safe and convenient! There are no different troubles, like messing around with the fireplace and logs, and need only to press the button on the remote control, and your steam after a couple of hours ready to enjoy the bath session!

Of course all ovens for a steamy good-way, but today we will talk about the electric heaters, but rather touch on Finnish sawo furnace for bath.


Company «Sawo” can safely call himself one of the most important manufacturers of bath paraphernalia in the world! This company has realized is no longer one dozen high quality steam generators, electric heaters, control panels and other accessories for saunas and steam rooms.

The brand “Sawo” was launched in 1994, and the main office is located in Finland. By 1997, the company has won Asia, demonstrating the high sales of their branded product.

Against the background of similar equipment this products was of the utmost quality, efficiency, reliability, sophisticated design, versatility and reasonable cost, which allowed her to become the best of the best companies in this segment.

the Electric furnace for bath sawo have a number of advantages:

Exquisite design and smart design.

High quality modern technology.

Innovative and eco-friendly materials

A range of functional features that will appeal to even the most capricious client.

the electric Heater Sawo interested buyers due to its performance characteristics. In the lineup submitted to the external furnaces (NS) and integrated control consoles (NB) for stoves that allows you to set the required temperature, power and time of operation of the unit.

All electric furnaces for baths sawo divided according to the type of fixing to wall and corner units.  There are models with a steam generator and stove, equipped with stone-soapstone, making them not only attractive, but also the health benefits it brings when heated!

Sawo electric stoves are also separated by a material of manufacturing:

Galvanized units are made of stainless steel (outer cover not included) - ZF

Hidden chimney made of galvanized metal and in the outer part used a protective coating – ZF

Hidden chimney part, made of stainless steel and outer parts are used protective coating – F

The units are completely made of stainless steel. - NB, NS

the Finnish sawo furnace for bath can be used in large commercial steam rooms, and private saunas. Buy electric furnace sawo in Kazakhstan is not difficult, because they are sold in specialized markets. In Almaty and some other cities the price varies from 100 000 tenge and above.


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