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  1. Takdirnya furnace: types and characteristics.

Takdirnya furnace: types and characteristics.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Who doesn't love to pamper their relatives or friends with original, delicious and unusual dish? But who – then think about the fact that often the culinary masterpieces are born not from fresh ingredients, variety of ingredients and spices that adds special flavors to the dish, but the dishes they cooked!

Today almost every country site instead of the ordinary barbecues are increasingly found the so-called ceramic tandoor. It's an oven - roaster, born when – in the East, is a brilliant alternative to modern barbecues, and barbecue grills. The tandoors are manufactured from eco-friendly pure kaolin clay is white and the food is cooked in them through the heat of white-hot walls. Many takdirnya stoves are almost a work of art, because their surface is decorated with exquisite forged components, ornaments, different figures or even gilt, which makes them irresistible to the eye and heart of the owner. Great demand they enjoy territoii CIS, and in Kazakhstan, too, of course!

This miraculous vessel, where he is preparing a delicious barbecue, fish, chicken, vegetables, and of course the famous takdirnya pellet. Products in this oven are cooked by the heat of the hot wall and the temperature on the wall inside the stove reaches 400 degrees Celsius! the Tandoor can be found not only in country cottages, but also in restaurants and bakeries.

To buy such a stove can be in any specialized market of Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda, Astana and other cities of the country, where the price depends on the size, complexity of design and manufacturer. The attention is ceramic Amfora tandoors because of its racy design, quality and functionality.


All tandoor are divided into the following varieties:

Stationary ovens (ground) – units that are created from bricks or clay, with the axis located horizontally or vertically.
It is a bulky structure, externally having the shape of a hemisphere that is installed on the base.

the Portable oven (mobile) – a modern modification of the stove, where design is a large jar of clay or a device of chamotte clay with frequent additional metal. Example: skrytych hooks or brackets for hanging food, pen, framing, legs, etc.

Earthen tandoors – it is quite a complex unit with two variations of the build which one of the following methods.

The first is to dig a hole in depth and diameter to 50 cm, put it inside the bricks of clay, where the remaining gaps are also sealed with clay. In the lower part for good combustion to create a couple of holes.
In the second method, the already created tandoor placed in pre-dug pit, allowing the neck above ground level 5 cm from the Top of the tandoor is covered with lids of clay, and is created from the bottom ash pit.

And remember: admission of air to the logs, briquettes or coals at the stage of heating of the walls or fomenting all ovens are equipped with pipe – a channel in the part where the bottom!

The basic principles of cooking-baked, delicious and healthy dishes in tandarei the stove are as follows:

To prepare oven, clearing away deposits on the wall, the ashes, coals and other things.

To reveal the ground end of the channel duct.

Place wood or charcoal inside the stove by two-thirds of the volume

To ignite the briquettes, logs or coal, in General, any type of fuel.

The products are placed into the chamber of the stove.

Cover the outer hole of the air duct and the neck of the tandoor.

After a certain time the food is cooked and remove from the stove, and then give tendernoj the stove to cool.

Remember that you don't need to worry about ashes and soot, as smoke the mass itself will disappear from furnace walls, before the placement of the products.


Before you buy a tandoor, note its following characteristics:

Weight, and the higher it is, the longer the food you cook, especially if it's chilly outside.

The thickness of the wall should be 4 – 5 see a Large amount of easy to use accessories and laying of the logs.

The diameter of throat part. What is the mouth more, the easier to lay the firewood and prepare food.

Skewers (the skewers). The stove is equipped with different skewers of different lengths.

A good manufacturer. Allows to count on the long life of accessories and tandoor, as well as good warranty service.

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