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  1. Varieties of grills and their features.

Varieties of grills and their features.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Winter lyutuet, though, but its a good half has already passed, so not far off the onset of warm spring days, and so it is time to think about how you will access all adored the season picnic.

Today, the picnics became fashionable to call barbecue parties, when people love to gather outdoors and relax with friends eating the crispy fish or spicy kebab.

Fans of barbecue a huge selection of different dishes and ergonomic equipment that can take on nature and to cook their own dinner, but still want to dish was not only tasty and healthy, and a lot of time not occupied.

The pinnacle of progress in this respect can be called the modern grill, which makes the dishes easy and delicious.
What is the excellent grill and on what criteria should be guided in his choice. Of course, everyone in this issue focuses on the possibilities and preferences, but some recommendations are still to give!


Decide whether you the grill to give or you have it will fit in an apartment, so the location is important.
For urban dwellings (apartments) the only option – elektrogrili, but for a country cottage perfectly suited charcoal grills or generators on gas enhanced configuration. Picnic also acquire gas grills or coal-fired units, because they are well transported in backpack or trunk.

By the way for picnics in suburban areas or countryside is fine design on the charcoal or gas standard.

Regarding their fundamental characteristics focus on the capacity of the machine, because the bigger it is, the faster the fry and the meat remains juicy.

The best lattices is iron, because they keep the temperature over the whole surface and not deformed. Pay attention to the durability of the device, so the unit is on wheels, use only on a flat surface. Also don't forget to consider the fuel, manufacturer, options, transport.

So which unit to choose, because they are huge: elektrogrili, devices operating on coal, wood gas, and fixed and stationary units.


the electric grill on a picnic of course does not take out, but in a comfortable apartment or a country cottage it with its responsibilities to cope brilliantly.

Such grills are divided into overall, portable and desktop. Grills small portions of the planned 7, and units for open sites are large and can accommodate about 16 servings.

In cooking terms is to adapt a rectangular (orthogonal) grills on electricity, and they are transportable.

Steel good, and they operate from an outlet in 220V.

To preheat and cook them at low temperatures.

In the care they are simple, because there is no smoke, fire, soot, and the heating element is self-cleaning.

Electric grills unlike gas counterparts do not confer the dishes are so colorful taste.

A classic of all time – charcoal grill, because there is still food was prepared by our ancestors, and although the technology and sdelali rapid spurt forward, but the taste of the meat with smoke is still loved.

Visually, such a device can have a specific, rectangular, and sometimes egg-shaped form. Other examples are presented in a table with no caps, and a portable charcoal grill is very easy to carry.

Their boilers are made from stainless steel with an enamel coating, and they are usually created for open territories.

Temperature koordiniruyutsya any number of coals or briquettes (fuel), or opening/closing the ventilation holes on the lid. Coal enough for a 12 – 13 hours.

There is a special type of grills are charcoal-ceramic grill, which due to its thick wall is used as a tandoor or oven.

Care involves cleaning the ash, clean out can be a tool for cookstove.

the barbecue –a first-class fixture for courtyards or gazebos.

Externally this stationary unit is quite massive, and is similar to a simple wood burning stove.

Fuel – sliver of wood or logs, and comfortable transportation with wheels.

The most popular wood-fired grills created of cast iron and the taste of food directly depends on the wood used. Sometimes these grills are used in the form of the smokehouse.

Quite time-consuming because of the need to remove ash.

With a quick and environmentally friendly way to prepare meals – gas grill.

They can make up to 50 servings, although a greater demand family grills on 13 – 15 servings. Fuel-natural gas or propane from the tank in the gas.

They can be stationary or mobile, and in the form of a rectangle or specific. There are coal device for the kitchen.

In Greeley at the corner of the food can not only cook, but to warm up, placing them on the shelf. A valve eliminates gas leakage, place them on the air and in the room. Temperature – 100 – 120.

Sometimes equipped with an auxiliary burner, and the temperature indicator.

No open burning, which is safe and convenient.

Care easy through antiprigarnym coating and removable drawers.

In Kazakhstan rural getaway is quite popular, so the grills can be purchased at many specialized stores. Their value in Karaganda, Astana, Kostanay, Almaty and some other cities of the country varies from 50 000 tenge up to several million.

Such a significant price spread is due to a variety of configurations and dimensions, the presence of assistive devices and functions.

If you know what grill you need, it will select the excellent model for your budget.

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