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  1. Gelnica or a barbecue: that is the question?!

Gelnica or a barbecue: that is the question?!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Who doesn't love American movies? Yes, almost all will answer that I love and enjoy watching. I in any case do not want to offend or belittle Kazakh cinema or movies produced in the CIS countries, but the filmmakers of American movies do have a lot to learn.
It's a brilliant movie with a fascinating story, incredible special effects, good actors and a luxurious setting. Mix, assembled in this movie becomes a blockbuster because it is a direct hit for a spoiled audience.

But in American films not only save people under waves of incredible special effects, and show a romantic story, where a large family gathers at the big table in the courtyard of his house to taste delicious steaks, kabobs or vegetables with mushrooms on the charcoal barbecue or grill.
Yes, Yes, a wonderful culture to enjoy picnics in the company of the grill and barbecues came to our wonderful city Almaty relatively recently but is already gaining momentum and interests of consumers, because people are tired of city life and they want to enjoy the nature and eat out.

The price of these devices are different, it all depends on the individual device, and you can buy them in stores dealing with equipment.
So what is a "barbecue" and "grills"? Why food on them is so amazing, where unsurpassed aroma, a Golden crust dishes and light smoke excite the appetite even more.

And maybe easier to have a picnic and roast it on a simple pan?! No, because food cooked on a regular fire is not only delicious, but also useful, because they have no carcinogens generated during frying on the pan.

Barbecues and Greeley – is completely healthy and useful food, but their design is different from each other.


Let's start with the fact that Gelnica are different. Is the charcoal grills, the device operates on gas, wood burning and electric grills. A popular with absolutely everyone, but it has its feature, such as electric grills are mainly used in apartments.
Thus, the key feature of the grill – heavy cover of metal, which is used at your discretion. The open grill provides cooking products, indoor-heating, baking, Smoking and cooking.

Feature of the unit - similar to a deep frying pan, where the diameter of the working surface can handle the number of people.
A couple of a grid inside the pan, where one is set up for fuel, and the second placed products.

Charcoal grills have the necessary capacity for the collection of crumbling ash. The case has air holes, which when opening and closing adjust the temperature in the bowl.

The thermostat, which is equipped with electric grills controls the process of cooking without opening the lid.

The difference between grillini and Barbecuing not so much in the design of the units as in the methods of cooking and its end result.
Dishes (of food) prepared in grills often in a closed design, so that the heat prepared products faster, where the meat turns out juicy, and the fish is with a ruddy crust.

Also gelnice conceived in such a way that the bowl can be replaced by a spit, or a cauldron, and different ways of cooking achieved by lowering or raising the grill.


The term (symbol) "barbecue" applicable to both the stove and the variations of cooking it. It's the same latticed for uploading product for roasting.
The fundamental difference BBQ from grillner – no lid, and the heat they have comes from the bottom when in the grill, it be done comprehensively.

Barbecues are created from steel, chrome or Nickel. In a more “luxury” models of the lattice are covered by a layer of non-stick.
Some designs have flaps that adjusted temperature, due to the regulation of the flow of air.

The principle of cooking on such equipment longer, because food is cooked on low heat. Cooking is done on charcoal, enriching the product a pleasant smoke.

That's the whole difference between grillini and barbecues!

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