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  1. Electric grills – your meals are delicious, and the cooking process comfortable.

Electric grills – your meals are delicious, and the cooking process comfortable.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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In Kazakh culture Greeley went not so long ago, so they are not as popular as say in the USA. However, people have realized the benefits of this equipment and the option to make it not only delicious, but healthy meals. On this basis it is safe to say that not far is the day when grills will replace the ordinary for us, barbecues, and will occupy a worthy niche in the market.

Moreover, today throughout the country with shops where you can buy different types of grills at different price points. Their prices depend on design, material, workmanship, design features, fuel and much more. The approximate cost of different types of grills in Almaty and other cities of the country varies from 35 000 to several million.

Modern grills have all sorts of modifications and operate on different fuels, but today we will touch on the topic of devices, powered by electricity.
It is logical to say that electric grill – this unit is fed from the mains, and not from coal or gas. It will only need to plug it in, it almost instantly warms up and already at the start will delight you with new culinary delights.

The disadvantage is only that you don't take him just about anywhere, unless of course you do not carry in your car generator kilowatts for three (well, just in case).

It's a perfect option for people who love to cook on the terrace, the balcony, the veranda of his country cottage. Moreover, the modern trend of living in large cities is moving towards what most people are striving to have your suburban house with yard that provides them with the opportunity to relax and show your personality, which is unlikely in a major metropolis.


The devices are divided into portable and stationary. Settings, power and weight in stationary units for home more than their mobile counterparts. They can also prepare meals for all guests at once, but to take it with me extremely uncomfortable, so in this case, the best fit mobile electric grill.

Still, there are contact and non-contact grills, where in the first variation, they are equipped with spits, and the second food is placed on the lattice or surface of the platform. Each person chooses the grill individually, depending on preferences.

The next option which is similar to the units choose – it's openess. That is, they are divided into closed, open and combined. Electrovalency hidden and combined type are suitable for apartments, but the open model used in the open areas less frequently.
Regarding the principle of operation, electric grills can be figuratively called a two-sided griddle, where warms the upper and lower surfaces between which foods and baked.

A similar effect is achieved through the warming up platforms, inside which there are heating elements, heating up to 800 or lamps of quartz, preheated to 1000 C.
Elektrogrili for the house are made of ceramic non-stick coating or stainless steel.


The surface electric grills are divided into cast iron, ceramic glass and metal with non-stick coating.

The units are made of cast iron perfect, because they are strong and they are not afraid of damage, and the food they boil perfectly, but they are heavy in weight, and their cost is higher than similar devices. Electric grills from glass easy to clean and comfortable but quite fragile.

Gelnica metal all good, but for cleaning you need special tools for washing, and after such cleansing of their coverage moves.

In General, all grillner its pros and cons. They differ also by the pallets: the pallets do not remove the grills – option more acceptable, but difficult to clean, so it's best to purchase grills with removable panels, which are durable, strong and easy to care for.

Electric grills have the following advantages:

When preparing a meal, they used little oil, which is the best condition for obtaining a low-calorie diet food.

Elektrogrili warmed up almost immediately, which significantly reduces the cooking time. They have a great productivity, because they can cook dinner a person's four, hour and a half.

They can be used even in apartments, as a particular smell from food or grime in them is not there.

They are ideal for home and garden in relation to compactness.

They are multifunctional, because they can heat, simmer, broil, defrost, in a word, if you wish, the microwave will be replaced.


What you should focus when choosing elektrogrile:

Indicators lights. The presence of the bulb will simplify use of the device.

Elements. Adjustment of temperature via the heating of Heaters, where the regulator allows easy adjustment of grill for cooking dishes of vegetables and meat.

Support for the regime of temperatures. This feature will allow longer to keep foods hot.

Protection from overheating. Modern units have a relay, which removes power in moments of overheating.

Regulation of the height cap. The existence of special elements in a closed grill and allow to cook bulk meat pieces and whole vegetables.

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