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  1. The types of lining for interior decoration

The types of lining for interior decoration

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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In the former Soviet Union has an established stereotype that the application and finishing of boards having a connecting tongue-and-groove, or in other words lining limited solely to country cottages, saunas, loggias or balconies. The potential of this material was underestimated. Today when interior design at the peak of popularity of the Scandinavian style, country, Provence, was more frequently used siding for internal furnish of premises. It's ecological, functional and very aesthetic, perfectly combined with other finishing materials: plaster, glass mosaic, ceramic tile, natural stone. If necessary accents in the decor can be painted in any shades color palette, tint, subjected to artificial aging method of brushing. Using paneling for interior decoration of the accommodation can realize the most daring fantasies, clearly show individuality, artistic taste and designer talent. the

Varieties lining

Focusing on the composition of the feedstock, the following types of lining for interior decoration:
wood-planed on four-sided milling machine from natural wood of coniferous or deciduous.
plastic – made in the complex process, by extrusion of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), by pressing and bonding the fine particles due to separation of the lignin in the wood-slatted panels (MDF).
Both species successfully compete in decorative and custom characteristics, but it should be noted that the ceilings and walls of wood even after protective treatment on average, are 2-3 decades, plastic counterparts the operational period of a lot more.
Dimensional-dimensional parameters is highly variable. National standards determine the Board length in the range of 30 to 600 cm, according to accepted European standards lining is length 50-600 cm Width not exceeding 15 cm, this is due to the fact that narrow strips less prone to deformation in use. The optimum thickness of lining for interior decoration, according to specialists, is 13 mm. Materials with higher performance is better applied to the outer plating.
The accepted classification by the form of profiled sections and the basic option is the Standard profile. Edged Board in cross section has a trapezoidal configuration, the side faces of which are bevelled at a 30-degree angle. Located on edges of recesses and protrusions designed to lock connection to the back side of the part – ventilation slots. The surface of the panels lined with Standard, turns smooth, without cracks and gaps, only in the joints there are small recesses formed by chamfered slats.
Profile Calm largely repeats the basic model with the difference that the joints are almost invisible thanks to the rounded edges of the double-sided chamfer, and the lack of depth of the grooves.
Profile Soft line is characterized by smooth lines and wide tenon, which further provides precast panels with a high level of reliability.
Lining is made from the part of the solid wood that lies between the crust and the core, due to the structural homogeneity and, consequently, increased strength of wood. DIN 68126/86 clearly regulated: the level of humidity, the accuracy of the profile geometry, high-quality polishing and other surface treatment. A distinctive feature is the deep ridge-groove articulation, the length of the stud is 9% of the total width.
American has an unusual appearance, she has an inclined front surface, a beveled profile, spike is missing near the bevel. Often mounted it in a horizontal position, thus simulating the stacking overlap. the

what to stop the choice on plastic or wood paneling?

You can endlessly debate on the topic of the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of those or other finishing materials. Each person has their own priorities, which it guides in matters of principle, personal preferences and taste, which is pointless to challenge. We just list the most important arguments, leaving the reader the right to make their own conclusion.
For the cost of plastic lining for the interior in the budget price category. Having the necessary tools and basic skills, it is easy to perform the installation with your own hands. It provides good sound insulation, keeps you warm, not subject to destruction by insects, mold and mildew. Slabosolenym to moisture, but temperature differences can cause deformation. Has a high abrasion resistance and durability, easy to care for. A wide variety of colors, including stylized granite, marble, wood. Even being exposed to ultraviolet radiation paint, do not fade.
In any kind of natural wood ‘breathing’, creating around himself a unique atmosphere conducive to a comfortable life. With proper treatment the service life of the lining can take decades, especially if it is made of larch or oak. the

Purchase lining on favourable terms

Thanks to round the clock open access to the portal of our online store, a potential buyer may optimally convenient time to get acquainted with the catalog, no hurry to consider details photos and to choose the lining for the inside of your home. The order is made online. From our side we guarantee:
quality service;
the prices are much lower and more economical than the retail stores.
the promptness of the delivery.
Our managers and consultants will provide detailed information about the product and the manufacturer will give recommendations of what types of wooden siding better for interior design a particular room.

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