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Cedar barrel - Indications and contraindications

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The unique healing properties of the Siberian cedar mankind discovered a long time ago, but only at the end of the last century began to apply the procedure in cedar barrel. Initially they are carried out in establishments of sanatorium type and rehabilitation medicine, spas, Wellness center and fitness centers. But the growing popularity, affordable price and small size contributed to the fact that cedar barrel was widespread, was the attribute of the private houses and even apartments.
The invention dates back to 1970, its authorship belongs to the herbalist VG Potrebnogo of Khakassia. Invented cedar phyto barrels were arranged in such a way that implied complete immersion of a person in wooden baptismal font filled with herbal steam. Many patients complained of discomfort at the time of the procedure, so traditional healer P. Y. losevskaya made a number of improvements (1992). In their result, the human head remains outside, at the time when the body is in the steam room. In this form the cedar barrel is now used and widely spread. the

Device cedar barrels

Visually the building resembles an ordinary wooden tub with a side door and top lid in which holes for the head. For convenience, inside there is a bench on which to sit. The liner system intended to supply herbal steam, cedar barrel is connected to a special steam generating device, in a container which is pre-loaded dry fees a variety of medicinal plants.
A heat exchanger is water. When its temperature reaches the boiling point, produces steam. He is under a certain pressure is passed through a container with herbs, saturated them, and then steam is fed into the barrel. In the lowest barrel temperature is regulated in the range of 42-45 degrees. Doctors found that the use of cedar barrels maximum, if the session does not exceed 20 minutes.
The device is running in mass production. Material for the manufacture of the baptismal font is wood perennial cedar, which is processed by different technologies:
- chipped;
- dugout;
- cooperage;
- carpentry.
Cedar barrel is available with both gas and electric. In advertising brochures of manufacturers and photos on the Internet are classical configurations as well as square and oval. Some of them are for steam procedures, or reclining in the supine position. the

What is the use of cedar barrels

On behalf of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation in the Moscow scientific center of rehabilitation and balneology has conducted studies to determine the benefits of a cedar barrel. According to their results, made a summary that the use of the interview with due respect for safety standards is healthy and beneficial effect on the entire body. Dmitry Belousov, head of the Altai biopharmaceutical cluster, offers to legally classify the device as a medical product. 
Useful properties of this procedure are based on the volatile, which in large quantities contained in cedar wood. This biologically active substances that successfully struggling with the growth and development of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms. Positive health effect is enhanced by the use of charges of medicinal plants. A few sessions in the steam barrel help to cure a number of diseases associated with dysfunction of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal system, kidneys, pelvic organs (in women), skin lesions.
Strict medical indications for the use of steam treatments in a cedar barrel is not mandatory. They work great as preventive measures, improve the metabolism in the body, due to sweating clean it of accumulated toxins, improve the immune status. For the rehydration preferably after cedar barrels to drink one or two Cup of herbal or green tea.
In combination with massage, exercise and diet recommended the inclusion of the cedar phyto-saunas in individual weight loss program, since then gone from 5% to 20% body fat. It is actively used in cosmetics to reduce facial wrinkles, and also to combat cellulite at different stages. Besides couples, rich medicinal herbal extract, has powerful physical effects on the ageing (fading) of the skin, visibly rejuvenates and tones the skin, makes it smooth and elastic. the

And if all you can bathe in a mini-sauna cedar?

The steam procedure, despite the scientifically recorded by medical effect of healing, as well as a huge list of other positive aspects, there are some limitations to certain groups of patients. First and foremost, regulated contraindications to cedar barrel people with active tuberculosis, thrombosis, liver cirrhosis, heart failure (greater than grade I), atrial cardiac arrhythmias, stable angina, diagnosed more than 2 per class. Absolutely unacceptable steam at a high temperature, acute inflammatory diseases and hemorrhages, the presence in the body of tumors of malignant nature, for Allergy sufferers and hypertensive patients.
Definitely need before you use cedar barrel in the complex of rehabilitation measures after serious heart attack or stroke, consult with your doctor.
In conclusion, we summarize that a reasonable approach, compliance and safety hot steam mini-sauna cedar, saturated with volatile production and collection of herbs, carries out multidisciplinary body cleansing, improves its efficiency, protects against negative environmental influences.

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