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  1. Furnace for bath with his hands - how to build a homemade stove for a bath

Furnace for bath with his hands - how to build a homemade stove for a bath

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Modern construction market offers a large selection of sauna stoves - gas, wood, liquid fuel, with a large number of additional functions. But not always their price matches the quality, and there is no guarantee that the chosen stove for a bath really will last a long time, and will suit the requirements of your premises. 
Therefore, the best solution is to build stove for baths your hands, if you have the appropriate skills. All you need to stock up on materials, detailed instruction and advice of experienced masters. If you approach this matter slowly and responsibly to follow the safety rules, your stove for baths will delight you for years! the


A modern master surprised to see a stove for baths made in the last century. Previously they were built without a chimney, carbon monoxide could go through the door. Despite this, the room was quite practical, fire resistant.
First built dome-shaped lesion similar to a well. On metal rods in it were placed the stones, and on them put the boiler for the bath. The fire under the stones heating up them, and boiling water falling on stones, enveloped the room with a soft steam. Eventually, masters have learned to build the chimney, which helped to make bath a more aesthetically pleasing and functional. the

Requirements for oven

Modern homemade oven for a bath is almost in no way inferior to the factory - it is no less aesthetically pleasing, provides economical consumption of fuel, takes up little space in the steam and does not require complex care. 
Regardless of what source of energy will work in your oven, it must meet certain requirements:
sufficient thermal capacity and wide range of adjustment;
the presence of steam and heat storage to change the modes of moisture and heat.
availability of funds regulation convection
low or the absence of surfaces with temperatures over 150 degrees.
There are also certain requirements as to fire safety, size of the furnace and other important parameters. the

home made furnaces

Sauna stove can be made of metal, from sheet metal and brick.
metal - equipped with a furnace bottom and the tank to heat the water. Part of the furnace is lined with bricks. It works this way: the water flows through the side door, it stands out pairs;
from sheet metal, the inner wall of the bath brick, oven works the same as metal. To build this oven, fit the sheets of iron of more than 5 mm thick;
brick is one of the most popular options. Furnace - a refractory brick, is placed below the ash pan, the grate made of cast iron or steel for laying of the stones. There is also a door and chimney. Hot water is supplied through dimovic. The solution for this design must be made of clay and sand, the cement is not allowed as it is not resistant to high temperatures. Brick oven for the Russian steam fireproof, but its stonework is quite time consuming and complicated process.
It is in the baths with tiled stove, a very comfortable atmosphere where you will not encounter any shortness of breath or scalding steam. Gentle heat will allow you to truly relax! Besides, brick oven a very attractive look even in the photo, this material can be made true architectural masterpieces. the

Stove for the sauna with your hands

The choice of brick for the construction of the furnace depends largely on the budget. But if you plan to work with the usual brick of medium quality, it is worth considering that does not meet the standards, and this will entail additional manipulations.
In order to build a good furnace for a bath, not necessarily to be a professional. It is enough to master the basics of masonry and strictly, scrupulously follow the course of action.
Working on the base - first and foremost, it is important to ensure waterproofing of concrete Foundation so it can stay cool even in hot summer. The very base should be very strong, to exceed the size of furnace 10 cm Below leave free space with small holes, where you will store inventory. On top of the basement lay a brick arch and build decking;
preparation of sand and clay - the clay must be cleaned of impurities, and soaked for several days before use. The sand is also cleaned of debris, sieved to narrow the seams are not have got small particles of pebbles. After cleaning the clay knead a hard object, and then mix it with punch together with water to the consistency of thick cream. Now you can add sand, slightly drenched with water.
the beginning of masonry - preparing solution and all the tools you can start laying. The first row should be the cleanout door, so her lower mounting elements need to be closed up under the bricks. Should take care of the notches in the bricks and doors for laying galvanized wire, necessary for fastening of doors;
set the boiler for baths.
securing the grate - if the two, standing on the edge of the brick in podduvalom't reach the top edge of the 4 rows, this means that manufacturers could not resist the declared size. Therefore, the new brick will need to cut 2 plates with a solution under the grate, they form a perfectly smooth surface. Grid in no case should not rest against the wall of the furnace;
fit bricks 5 series.
the fastening of furnace door - you can use galvanized wire;
walls 6-8 of the series at this point, you might find a discrepancy bricks dimensions, suitable replace the two bars.
8 row you can do without the fit, and after 9 - to install the stove. Its edges must lie on the bricks at a distance of 20-25 mm. to give the stove brand, you can tighten the corners. The next step will be the construction of the chimney.
In the presence of construction skills, even if you did not know before how to make oven for a bath, according to clear instructions you will be able to build it without too much difficulty. But to save time and effort, the question is to trust the professionals, as long as the manufacturer has tested and provided quality assurance.

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