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  1. Something to pamper her garden kitchen: a stove, barbecue or BBQ grill?

Something to pamper her garden kitchen: a stove, barbecue or BBQ grill?

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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What could be nicer than to feast on your favorite dishes in the company of loved ones, and even outdoors.
People around the world love recreation, whether it be going for a picnic or friendly get-togethers in their own country!

Abroad, for example, to similar get-togethers took it seriously, it can be said there is a cult, how to improve its summer kitchen with a range of options, to then there was resting comfortably in your favorite company.

A categorical answer to the question: what is better, to go on picnics or fishing trips with friends or to relax at his dacha in the summer kitchen to give impossible! But just remember: an expression that in no place like home better, which can be partially applied in this matter! After all, it would not have been pleasant to go to nature, even nicer when you can arrange your “area” on their own site.

That is why the countries of the CIS, including in Kazakhstan began to slowly appear culture (which came by the way of the West) to acquire such useful things as a grill, smoker, oven & ndash; a barbecue, and the whole gazebo for relaxing and cooking. In Almaty and other cities of the country began to appear specialized stores where you can buy everything for cottage “relax” from simple grill to such unusual devices as a grill-barbecue. Happy as the fact that the cost of these units is quite acceptable, and joy to their owners they bring incredibly much.

Well let's not get ahead of ourselves and talk about all these options individually.

Well, the good old grill know all the more that well-chosen grill is as important as the quality of a marinade or meat.
Polysemantic word “BBQ" I'm sure many have heard, but everyone knows that he's got a few meanings: this kind of furnaces, and the name of the party, and different cooking methods.

There is a grill, and many think it is almost the same with a BBQ! The share of truth in this, on both devices it is possible to prepare delicious treats, but the grill has a lid, through which the products are soaked with smoke, and it is possible to smoke products.

Well in General terms with the culinary fixtures for your cottage or country cottage, we understand, and if you buy a grill in Almaty easy, to get stoves – a barbecue, or a barbecue all – the complex is already harder! And in the world of grilling there was a cool novelty for cooking: grill-barbecue! About them we also will talk in this article.


As we have said earlier, buy oven & ndash; a barbecue the shelf in the store is impossible, because they have a unique individual project.
Each stove – the whole world are working on masters, where each master of the house or house selects oven in its sole discretion, previously discussing with the masters of design parameters, costs, etc.

Also furnace-a barbecue can be provided with such additional elements as the smokehouse or the cauldron.

Varieties of ovens – barbecue

the Oven & ndash; a barbecue – Assembly is quite complex, visually similar to a conventional oven.

This design can be as voluminous and compact with the presence of the chimney system. There is a hearth inside, which can accommodate the surface of the grill or spit. Such a stove can be placed in the gazebo, outside, grill-house, on the terrace or in any other comfortable for you place. To operate such ovens can different type of fuel, but preferably wood.

1.Usually oven & ndash; a barbecue is set not in the center of the site, and in more remote parts of the garden where a more relaxed and comfortable.

2.Area – a barbecue. Externally, this structure is very large, so it is necessary to equip a special place.

3.Complexes – barbecue – piece is multifunctional, providing not one source and different types of cooking that allows you to cook several dishes at once.

Usually near this area organized and dining room on the street, and it turns out the whole area.

4.The fireplace-barbecue. Key difference is the barbecue-fireplace from other units is its increased fuel part that allows you to place the spit where you can roast a whole carcass of meat. Fuel can be coal and firewood ordinary.

As you know, oven & ndash; a barbecue – a great thing, but is quite labor intensive, where their value is estimated from the type and scale of the structure. For example: you can buy ready-made Assembly, the price of which will vary from 150 000 to 300 000 thousand tenge and drinks, barbecue, where your exterior you lay every brick.


Grill for the gazebo or grill & ndash; a barbecue – an island unit, provided for preparation of various dishes. Their homeland is Finland, where they are in great demand. Visually they are similar to a pipe, where the umbrella in the form of a cone or dome. Focal case usually made of high quality steel with heat-resistant enamel (the coating), and flue system, cover and stand enamelled powder that perfectly retains the form of the product for long period and eliminates corrosion of the metal.

These devices can be used as a grill or barbecue, depending on the use of their design (cover, grid).

Also grill & ndash; a barbecue, as was originally stated can be used in the gazebo (for which sometimes the individual constructing the gazebo and removed the smoke system, but this is at your discretion), or outdoor (again your choice)!

The modern units due to the presence of a system of removable and rotatable accessories, you can prepare a large assortment of dishes: fish and meat steaks, kebabs, vegetables, poultry, mushrooms, potatoes. The design includes a hearth made of steel, barbecue set, swivel stand for food, heating of wood and folding Pistola.

Another advantageous feature – is a cover from stainless steel, whereby the heat is coming from the bottom, saving the richness of the dishes, even after prolonged cooking.
To say that it is better oven & ndash; a barbecue or the grill – a barbecue impossible, it all depends on the individual preferences of the owner, however, it is understood that the fuss with a barbecue-grill is much smaller and the prices more acceptable. But oven-barbecue – this is a classic that can become a full outdoor kitchen for your favorite garden.

The range of “Pinocchio and” grill "Vulkan".  their advantages are:

Attractive, modern design

The ability to install both outdoors and in a specialized pavilion.

Corrosion resistance and durable casing.

As fuel you can use charcoal or firewood.


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