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  1. Panels of juniper - spectacular and healthful accessory for your bath.

Panels of juniper - spectacular and healthful accessory for your bath.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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If you wonder, what things have the most priority for the modern man, to give a definite answer is virtually impossible. Certainly our world is full of temptations, and almost every aspire to a comfortable, well-fed and prosperous way of life and this is absolutely correct. However, there are things more important than material delights, it is of course our own health and the health of our loved ones.

However, human nature is such that true happiness and enjoyment in life is felt fully only when man is fully realized in the different the fields of life. It is health, family, housing, money, travel, and of course inner harmony, instantly reflected in the external factors.

And it turns out that a few of these areas form a coherent structure. Also understandable is the fact that people created their own material and spiritual well-being through hard work.

But in addition to labor, we can not imagine your life without comfort and beauty, it is not enough to build a house, should it and to improve. Here we are talking about the design, and if you work figuratively, created man, the design is that time in the labor that allowed a person to feel more strong and confident. Even among primitive people is always present the desire for beauty, after all, a simple knife from a stone and the handle was decorated with a simple and sometimes very elaborate ornament.

So, if the person is strong and healthy, it is important for him to get his own housing, where you can bring your family and enjoy spending time with. The majority of inhabitants of megacities do not imagine their existence without the bathhouse, in fact it is not only a place to cleanse the body, but also a powerful tool for a mental discharge from the stressful rhythm of life.

However, if ancient bathhouse special delights did not differ, that the past centuries have left an imprint on her concise, ergonomic manner. Modern steam – it's aesthetics, where the taste and design flight of fancy works wonders, of course, taking into account peculiarities and specificity of the bathhouse.


The interiors of the pair has long been astonishingly varied, and the choice of building materials to its product range. Kazakhstan market recently added another creative know-how in the bathing industry. Juniper is a panel representing a Board with a variety of subjects that can be placed not only in the interior of the steam room or sauna, but in a private home, restaurant or bar. Especially panels of juniper brilliantly fit into the interior in country style or eco-style!

Many owners of country cottages or commercial saunas are extremely scrupulous attitude towards the construction of its own steam, and in order to buy panels from a juniper, they are first invited designers or architects interior, discuss with them all the nuances, and then for a price, to order goods in specialized stores.

In Almaty and other cities of the Republic, you can purchase panels of juniper at a reasonable cost.

What is it and why it is worth paying attention to? Let's start with the fact that this seemingly simple Board with different subjects not only beautiful but also very useful, so it is recommended for years.

Panels of juniper for the bath is made from saw cut branches of juniper where juniper initially, the trunk has a small diameter, so for finishing. apply juniper "saw cut" of a thickness of a few centimeters. Though juniper wood and strong with a good density, but in the process does not crack or shrink does not, and subsequently it's easy to make lampshades or panel to otdelyvanija the walls or ceiling.

Juniper panels are not accidentally used as a decoration for years, because this wood not only has a beautiful texture, but resistant to rot, various pests and is perfectly resistant to high humidity and temperature.

Also when heated it emits biologically active substances - phytoncides, which contribute to the decontamination of air in the steam room, preventing the spread of fungus and bacteria. In the end, you will get the fresh pine scent, benevolently affects the respiratory and nervous system and also strengthens immunity and helps to fight respiratory diseases.

Therefore, panels of juniper for bath – this is not only excellent aesthetics but also health benefits. Decorative panels of juniper can be placed not only in the steam room, but in the break room.


With own hand to build the panels of juniper for baths or other buildings is not so difficult, important to clearly know certain points:
To create mozhzhevelovo trunk cross sections of various diameters from 10 to 30 mm.

To preparirovanie their surface.

To consolidate the already prepared saw cut using environmentally friendly glue, and secure it on the furniture shield thickness of 10 mm (sketch note).

Data panels as presented in the standard and variety of stories where a drunk can be difficult female silhouette or image of a giraffe or a tiger, and maybe a Cup of tea.

Of course each panel of juniper has its own individual story and dimensions, it all depends on the preferences of the owner.

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