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  1. Tandoor or grill: place your bets!

Tandoor or grill: place your bets!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Summer-a wonderful time of year when the cold finally behind us, the sun is shining and people are happy to travel to different Hiking trips and travel.
Particularly surprising is the nature in the summer, it's all shimmers colorful colorful colors, in fact revealed the most lovely flowers, delicious berries ripen, and the trees rustle with green foliage.

The kids in this time traditionally go on summer vacation, and adults like to spend their holidays at overseas country or favourite ‘attacks” on the nature or on a picnic!

And what could be better on a picnic than a delicious barbecue expertly prepared by one of the parties. However, to the barbecue turned out incredibly tasty, some culinary ambitions and skills are not enough, we must also consider the meat with the marinade, and of course a special device, contributing to its preparation!

Besides the kebabs in the country or a picnic – it's not only voshititelniy the taste and aroma of roasted meat, but also exciting experience, the memories of which will remain for a long time!

Usually for cooking kebabs, people used the familiar grill! As the saying goes – simply and without problems. However, recently, he had a competitor that also is an excellent cook skewers – tandoor.

What of them is better or worse, and what is their fundamental difference, we now consider!


Where and at what period it first appeared “grill” is hard to say, because learning to produce a flame, our distant ancestors began to cook food, simultaneously asking the question: How better to do that?

Initially, the people surrounded the fire with rocks and placed the meat on it, then came the distant counterparts of the modern magallenic of stone.

In ancient times the word "grill" in different languages were pronounced identically, although his roots are Eastern. In this situation, archaeologists have developed a controversial opinion, some argue that mangalitsa was built by SKIF Anarchism, others believe that this invention was created by the people living in the United States.

Translated into Russian (Slavyanskii) language barbecues listed as "coal cart" clearly explains the method of their operation.
In the highlands where the atmospheric pressure is not high, water boils at a reduced temperature, whereby to cook the meat boiled quite difficult, and the barbecue just allow you to play an alternative (different) method for its preparation, making it pretty economical and functional.

And our amazing city of Almaty just to be surrounded by picturesque mountain ranges, so for us, this point is important!

However, it is foolish to believe that there is no alternative to mangalica, because it is not so!

the Tandoor – this unique Eastern stove, which with its straightforward design allows you to cook different dishes from meat and dough, and barbecue in particular.

For the external parameters it is similar to the form “egg”, having a thick wall of clay kaolin and a hole in the side.

Also, tandemic there is a hole at the entrance, which is concealed by a cover in two levels in order to prevent the heat from the furnace is not left. Still have wrought-iron handles on the side of the stove.

The so-called ceramic tandoor are usually placed on specially selected elevated place. In operation tandardize simple: coal or logs lay inside, and really fervent, they heated the furnace to the required temperature.


Let's see, what are the key differences in cooking (of food)?

The exploitation of tandoor longer save heat in a more miserable waste fuel wood in the braziers burn out soon due to the easy movement of air.

On mangalica meat long-term contact with the flame, so it burns faster and loses its juiciness. The tandoor also, in view of its constructive structure burning are not subject, and a certain temperature in the internal area of the oven brilliantly preserves the juiciness of your food!

Hmm…for the first time tandoor wins the battle! But categorization is not appropriate because they are two completely different units that bring the cook the identical benefit. In ovens baked food, barbecues are more suitable for frying foods, and consequently taste them prepared in different dishes!

There are dishes that can be prepared in both units, whereas the other part of the dishes can be prepared with only one of them.
Example: for the famous samosas and cakes better tandardize did not find, and surround the carcass of a chicken or such as duck, or leg of lamb is prepared exclusively tendernoj the stove.

But for favorite steak is the best fit with mangalik reshetkoi, and for the famous Lula-kebab it is better to use tandoor!

Kebab, which is actually the topic started can be prepared in both fixtures on your preference!

And ideally, get both units at once and use them for his pleasure! Moreover, in Kazakhstan you can buy them at very reasonable prices, and the selection is amazing!

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