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  1. What you need to know before you buy a tandoor?

What you need to know before you buy a tandoor?

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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One of the quite well-known and famous phrases about food is: “Man eats to live, not live to eat”!

Of course, what is true is true, and you need to understand what to seek in life you need to global light accomplishments, and not to a primitive way of life concluded in only to fatten their belly and a good rest!

However, if you look at it another way, great things in life to do need of course, but food can not hurt. It is impossible not to admit that the cooking – the great art, and not just the ability to cook dinner. After all, people who are able is tasty to cook food, have a sense of harmony, color and aesthetic taste.
So today, many people seek to upgrade their individual menu to include different techniques of cooking, new recipes and appropriate cooking utensils.

One of these great units in Kazakhstan was the tandoor. Residents of Almaty and other cities of the Republic began to acquire tandoor for their luxury country cottage or cottages, because the food cooked in it is incredibly juicy and tasty.

Sometimes they are compared to the grill, but the cooking here is different. When working with the grill the heat comes from the coals, skewers and sometimes burning. The ovens also include the laying of logs, but before you put the meat, they are already burned completely, and the heat will soak the walls, which will share them with the meat. Therefore, the meat will not burn completely, and baked, and that makes this cooking technique is more useful, while retaining all vitamins and nutrients.
Therefore, they often compare with the oven-for baking products. So tandoor – this rounded stove in the pitcher made of eco-friendly chamotte clay.

Interesting is the fact that all praise tendinum stoves are not empty words, because if you view the analytic in one of the Internet – services, it will be clear that the number of people willing “buy a tandoor in Almaty” or in other cities is growing every year.

But there are a number of issues that arise in its acquisition. This also applies to the price and design, and the diversity of devices and functional achievements and other things.


Meet: Tandoor from chamotte clay…And what you need to know to buy the best unit?


the Wood burning ovens the most popular, they certainly require attention, but it's a classic that many, and captivate. Inside are placed the firewood and fuels, and thick walls of clay get hot heat. When the embers burned, unload the meat or vegetables on skewers, or on the grill. 15 minutes and your juicy dish is ready for table.

Electric ovens are industrial and domestic, and allow to cook in different locations and under different weather conditions.
Household ovens are compact, their settings ranging from 25 to 80 kg, visually they look identical to their counterparts functioning in the logs. And some devices can even be used as wood burning.

Industrial ovens overall, reaching 300 kg with a voltage of 380 V. also they are additionally insulated to better keep warm.
They are designed for areas of catering.

Gas tandoors are used both at home and in the kebab or large restaurants
For heat, use the gas burner, special cylinders, or connect them to the pipeline.


All tandoor are divided into mobile and stationary. The latter are characterized by a voluminous size, and are placed on the Foundation or in the ground, where their mounts the master himself. They're often used for commercial purposes (bakeries, restaurants).

Mobile ovens are classified according to weight parameters: small (about 45 kg), medium units (90 – 100 kg), and the largest more than 100 kg.


What you need to understand when choosing ovens? That is, the number of people you can feed. If you like the property, get an average tandoor to 10, in which meat and vegetables bake. Small tandirchi suitable for a small family of five people, where the cooking time will take.
But for large parties where a lot of people need to take the appropriate tandardize (25 skewers). There will be to roast the whole duck or leg of a sheep, and it will cool down slower than small vessels, giving the opportunity to cook it longer and bigger.

Remember an important caveat regarding all mandernach stoves – is the thickness of the walls.

In the medium units it should be around 3 cm and larger-about 6 cm


Standard mandernach of stoves includes: a set of skewers and a device for hanging a poker and shovel. Also due to the fact that the lower part is heated strongly in their equipment includes stand tandoor.

 it is easier to produce cleansing the ash pan from the coals. Also, the set can be stand under the cauldron, but the cauldron is sold separately.
Additional accessories are also buy one yourself! Let's say gloves and apron is necessary because the metal parts are heated instantly and without this device can not do.

Every manufacturer has its personal tandoor accessories that will diversify your menu: pot or cornice ceramic, for baking special stone, blades and forks for meat, cauldrons, different grille, and other cocotte.

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