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  1. Top 10 secrets of the popularity of the tandoor!

Top 10 secrets of the popularity of the tandoor!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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In Kazakhstan people going on nature I love to cook barbecue. The word to note, a favorite kebab is the favorite dish of people all over the world, and especially nice to absorb it in the fresh air.

Normally, when cooking kebabs people arm themselves with the usual barbecue, but some prefer to use a specific ceramic stove-tandyr.
This kind of oven-roaster the image of a jug in which to prepare meals, where food is due to the thermal radiation from the heated internal wall.

Recently, the tandoor, the price is very affordable by the way, was the use of “mad” demand from the population, because it is a brilliant opportunity to delight their buddies and loved ones unusual brewing process and taste unusual foods.

By the way the cost of these fancy stoves in Almaty and other cities of the Republic starts from 25 000 tenge and more, and buy a wonderful "pitcher" is possible in specialized areas, implementing such kitchen equipment!


Today we will talk about 10 major chips tandoor, due to which it enjoys such strong demand from the public!

1.Long live a healthy lifestyle or tandoor prepare not only incredibly tasty but also healthy food! A special regime of temperatures allows them to retain as many vitamins and nutrients! Carcinogens in ovens were not formed, as for example when preparing a meal on an open fire (mangalik – for example)! But they (carcinogens) as we know one of the reasons for the occurrence of different malicious maladies.

2. Yum this food! What is important in your prepared culinary delights? Of course the taste, and it needs to be tender and juicy-Pesochny. So, tandoors unlike a barbecue grill and even gillnets fully preserve the richness of the dishes, due to the shortened time of the influence of temperature and the optimum (best) armorika at any point.

3.Say “Stop” burning. With scorching food in the stove mandernach you will not face due to its specific design, because the food is cooked using the radiant heat from the walls of the tandoor, and not on the presence of an open flame.

4.Just think about the control the roasting their meals. Forget about what you need to stand and “steam” over how evenly your food is cooked, because our favorite tandoor from chamotte clay involves only the adjustment of time baking food in it, the rest of – its concerns.

All that you need – to parisvisite skewer with a skewer or other food over the coals, and covering the trap with a cap on fun with friends.
Twist, twirl nothing need a miracle – jug tandoor organizes everything for you!

5. The period of preparation. Products in tendinitah baked quickly and evenly due to the powerful heating its wall. At the incitement of logs you will spend an hour of time. Total: kebab ready in 15 minutes, fish about as well on chicken carcass you will spend 30 minutes, and vegetables with mushrooms will take only 5 minutes!

To get a crunchy crust for 5 minutes until cooked, open cap and ash pit, and get the extra traction of the air.
Think about all of 10 minutes, and your delicious, juicy barbecue is ready! Tale, not life!

6.A large assortment of different dishes. The ovens allow you to cook a substantial variety of different Goodies. You can show your culinary talents in full: having prepared a whole goose or a chicken or bake the fruit, vegetables, meat or fish, well your favorite barbecue. But these jarovnice bake delicious bread, for good reason, the expression “takdirnya pellet” many on the ear!

7. Do not overdo it with fuel, they will last you. The fact that tandemnyj the oven heat is retained inside, so the firewood requires less, so for once you can cook a couple-three pages of barbecue, turns out you and firewood and save! In the grill, on the contrary, wood is required more, because they will burn out faster due to the faster air passage.

8. Cook and heat, and cold. When cooking your favorite culinary delights in tahirih weather is not a hindrance, because everything is sealed and closed.

9.The ideal life. Or rather he is not limited at all, because the true tandoor ceramic clay is constructed manually and sequentially is heated under temperature up to 1200 C. it Turns out that in such use of its shelf life is unlimited!

10. Luxurious “gift” for a man – of course tandoor! Girls you note, this gift will be pleased even the most discerning gourmets, the more men love to cook on an open flame meals with smoke, and so will undoubtedly be happy with such a gift! Therefore, running all tandoor!

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