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  1. Red Bull 400 Almaty – an exciting race in which you can check yourself for strength!

Red Bull 400 Almaty – an exciting race in which you can check yourself for strength!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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How many need man to be happy! Who – the answer is that there's plenty of us – the answer is that very little of it, but some do, and say I am happy and completely satisfied life!

For every happiness is in  his, although it is important to remember that it is always within us, not outside, and life is necessary to love and then everything in it will be.

However, according to the world's most famous psychologists, happiness – is to be “successful” in all areas of life: health, travel, family, Hobbies, career.
But let “shock” deeper and think about what is at the forefront of it all. Everyone needs motivation in order to go forward, this gives him the opportunity to have love relationship and friendship, to do a bunch of different important things to move your career!

Motivation motivation of course, but in order to implement all of these people just need a lot of energy and strong, strong and healthy body that it hurts nothing! After all, remember his condition during his illness: fatigue, lethargy, desire to sleep and do nothing!

Summary: the main thing is health, there will be a strong and healthy body, to appear and energy and a positive mood briskly move through life.

Our company's team “Pinocchio and" fully agree, therefore the main focus of our business became a variety of products for baths and saunas, as steam – it is always a good feeling and a good mood.

In addition to the bath, to a healthy lifestyle should include proper nutrition, and of course sports!

Sport – it is necessary for a person thing that helps to maintain the health and well-being. Sports activities recommended to everyone to always keep themselves in good shape.

That is because, our company fully supports a healthy lifestyle in all its manifestations, we participated in the exciting event of city scale “Red Bull 400”.

Only the 400 meters?! It would seem ridiculous – like near power high school student, who regularly engaged in physical culture. However, it was not there, the imagination of the organizers who brought the race track slope of 35 degrees, and it became a serious, albeit fascinating challenge for runners.

So, on may 20, 2018 on a beautiful Sunny day in Almaty, the vertical run Red Bull 400. To start out over 400 participants from different countries of the world. Among them were both professional athletes and beginners Amateurs.

Our guys had a great attitude to the sport, because in our company there are people who do a particular sport, or just individual physical training, so we were definitely prepared.

The essence of this race was to run the race in the 400 meters in mountain climbing on a ski jump at an angle of 35 degrees for …..
Impressions and adrenaline we had in abundance: the excitement before the start, bright and bold race, where you know that you will be able to pass this distance and will not stop halfway.

And in the minds of each of us in the process of the race sounded the inquiry: what is all this? The answer is obvious: for the Sake of completeness of the vital feelings, for the sake of bright colors in the rainbow of life, in order to tell the sport “YES” and make sure once again how wonderful and necessary in our lives!

Recall that the aim of the competition «RedBull 400” is a promotion of physical culture, sport and healthy lifestyle among the population as well as the identification of the strongest athletes.

Special thanks I want to say to the organizers, because everything was at the highest level: electronic time accounting system, big screen broadcast of the race for all the spectators, live music, free Red Bull and snacks, prepared piste, volunteers, medical assistance and more.

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