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  1. Before "creating" culinary delights on the grill, look at the safety standards.

Before "creating" culinary delights on the grill, look at the safety standards.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Almaty-one of the most unique cities of Kazakhstan. It is a beautiful picturesque city, which combines many advantages: a pleasant, inviting climate, vibrant cultural life, lively atmosphere (parks, fountains, Arbat, a luxury shopping house), excellent service, gracious people, and of course the fantastic beauty of nature!

The nature here is stunningly beautiful-amazing beauty of the mountains pleasing to the people all year round because in winter you can go for a ride on a sled from the mountain tops, in the spring, with the early rays of the sun favorite feast awaits all, and the summer-perfect for picnics!

Therefore, the majority of residents and visitors to the city love to have picnics outside the city, especially in recent times when in addition to the usual barbecues, the market appeared a new great device – grill!

This thing in cooking is simply incomparable, because it is possible to cook different dishes, including stew, boil, fry, bake food, and more nutrients while keeping. Even the grills are very comfortable with the operation, quite attractive in appearance, and generally very cool. Besides, their prices are quite reasonable (approximately 30 000 tenge and higher), and to buy them is not difficult, just need to find a store that implements the BBQ!

Of course, acquiring gas grills or units operating on different fuels you will get different documents indicating not only their quality but also compliance with all standards of fire (fire) security, nevertheless there is a certain safety to comply with that you just have to!

This technique is relevant to any season, when you use grills.


Buy gas grill, remember the following points:

If you do not use the equipment for a long period, be sure to check how hoses gas impermeable (hermetic).

Only when the lid is opened to light the burner.

Save sprays have only disclosed or properly ventilated buildings. When refilling you need to adhere to security methods.

Gas grills do not cleared, so stay tuned for technology, exploiting it clean. This completely eliminates the possibility to burn not only fat residues, but also from insects or unwanted smells in the dishes.

To apply such grill only need the outdoors.

If ignition has occurred, close the ventilation holes and the cover in Gelnica. In no case do not pour water on the local sections of flames, better use the special tool or soda.

If in your house there charcoal grill, install it on the street, just below the surface was a completely smooth (no ridges or slopes). In closed buildings (rooms) charcoal grills have not!

Estimating the barbecue necessarily consider the moment to leave enough space from legkovozvodimyh places and objects, and even from places where there are kids or Pets.

Exercise caution when working with means for ignition, using only high quality and safe liquids.

Going camping, remember that the coals before they are recycled to be cool.

Before disposal, the approximate time – 11 hours!


When selecting a grill, consider the future location for it: do not put it in the slope, around wires, electrical appliances or in the aisles.

At operation hair is better to lay under a hat and wearing a special apron. Also in your Arsenal should be mitts and tools with long handles (heat-resistant).

 People with a Smoking cigarette or under the influence of «alcohol», and not enough experienced chefs at Gelnica nothing to do. Also do not allow for grills children and Pets.

Follow with a hot grill, not letting the situation slide.

Regarding food safety the following are true:

Always watch the hands – after all, in the processing of all products for further cooking, they should be clean.

Gotowki Sandgrouse or meat, should be implemented in the refrigerator, not the kitchen.

Cooked food and raw food should be stored in a different inventory that is not in contact with each other.

Raw food from fish or meat cannot be left in the sun or in a hot room.

In contact with raw fish, meat or poultry, be sure to wash hands and instruments treat a special tool, and then rinse in clean water.

Processing poultry is a warm 80 degrees, and minced about 70 C.

For the manufacture of dishes on gelnice sauce is divided into a few parts: one, leave to serve, and other oil products.

To use the sauce, where the marinated fish, poultry or meat, boil it for 30 seconds.

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