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  1. Grill accessory will take You to a new level of comfort when cooking.

Grill accessory will take You to a new level of comfort when cooking.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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For people seriously interested in the world of grilling great news is that modern Kazakhstani market there are a lot of braziers, in different versions. Since that time, as grills began to appear actively in our Republic, can be almost any city in the state, for example, in Almaty, Karaganda or Astana to go out grill for a satisfactory price for the consumer!

Acquire some charcoal grills, because my dream is to get out with friends on the nature, where you can fry kebab, he felt the taste of the favorite smoke, others more to the liking gas grills, which can also be used outdoors (in particular fuel) or in the country, but in operation they are much more convenient because of trouble with them less. Third like usual electrovalency that are simple and easy to use, and they are purchased generally indoors!

In this matter, to give advice is difficult because each person chooses Gelnica at its discretion, however, it is important not only to correctly choose grill, the products to it and familiar with methods of operation of the unit, but also to remember about the grill accessory, because without them comfortable and happy cooking simply will not work!


Well, you are just beginning to explore its gas or charcoal grill, and your imagination are the recipes flavorful sausage, roasted chicken if vegetable cuts, and immediately have thoughts about the accessories for it, and what is most needed in this case.

the BBQ Accessories presented in a significant assortment, and initially look for the tools to cleanse your grill!

Respect yourself and your Grilly unit, not allowing to accumulate soot, fat and dirt that may still be insects to attract him. the grill Brush, brushes or sponges should be no doubt in your kitchen equipment to thoroughly clean their latticed and it didn't stick. Sometimes you can use the trays for the fat (one-time)!

Think about what you are going to fry their food, because the sale is a great demand for barbecue grill, among which the most popular fixtures and a rounded rectangular shape with a long handle that is ideal for cooking small servings of fish, meat, chicken, and meatballs!
It would be cool to buy the so-called BBQ accessories in the form of a grid with a coating of Teflon, because they are easy to clean and to them almost nothing sticks.

Also an excellent option – trays for the grill mentioned earlier, they are mounted on galinou the grill and they fry pancakes or shrimp. It is advisable to use disposable trays with foil, because to wash them is not necessary, and they warm up quickly.
Regarding the lattice for frying food, it is better to give preference to devices with antiprigarnym coating, because your products to it will not stick, and that's what we need when cooking on gelnice!

There are also accessories for barbecue, designed figuratively speaking for your hands.

It's tongs for the grill, spatulas and forks, which are presented for the convenience of working with food, and acquire whole sets, you have to realize how they are convenient for you, even in the hands they should be maintained prior to purchase.

the Set the skewers for the grill needs special attention, because Gelnica we most love to cook barbecue.

The rotisserie can be in the form of the letter “V” classic and simple shape. In the first variation, the meat is impaled on a spit during the period of the turning scroll will not. People sometimes use wood skewers as the skewers – a great way for impaling fish and meat.

Always keep in mind the fuel charcoal grills for example need quality blocks of paraffin charcoal or in good starters and briquettes of charcoal for easy cooking!

Gas grills – is primarily safety, so follow the quality and integrity of the hoses and gas cans, and in order to do without gas leakage.

Finally I will add that to get the grill in Almaty – this is only half of your success, because your stay comfortable cooking it is important to correctly choose accessories.

In addition to the above manufacturers produce the following BBQ accessories: thermometers for grilling, brushes, covers, aprons, woks, bags and knives.

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