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  1. Tables fireplaces gas will create attractive atmosphere during friendly get-togethers and family feasts.

Tables fireplaces gas will create attractive atmosphere during friendly get-togethers and family feasts.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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The main thing in the house? Of course the heat! Moreover, this definition can be interpreted in two entirely different senses: the spiritual and the material. First – the warmth of the human heart and special spirit to build and equip their own home in a way where in the future will be cozy and comfortable for the whole family. Well, apart from human effort, in the interior of each house has its own heart, which is called a stove or a fireplace!

Fire – a unique thing because in our genetic memory there is the image of the very salutary, detalnogo or even the sacrificial fire that is present in the foci of our distant ancestors.

They are like us, when – we gathered the whole family around the warming flames, and discussed what – or their plans, or excitement. Only have it happening in the not so comfortable conditions, as we do, after all, and other times was.

Today, almost every second owner of a country cottage in Kazakhstan wonders to improve your own fireplace.

It turns out that except for aesthetics and warmth a fireplace brings to any place in a state of peace and comfort.

There are various fireplaces, and assign them different. They are intended for heating dwellings, and other status are subject to its overall interior, and others serve as a focus for the implementation of your culinary desires, the fourth just bring to your home the beauty and uplifting, and there are tables & ndash; fireplaces, who will prepare food, and relax with friends and give the overall look of your penthouse will transform!

To our great joy, in the cities of our state, you can find any fireplace you want. To do this, just go to a specialized shop Alicante (or other cities) that sell such things and buy any unit. The cost, naturally, will depend on external data, dimensions and functional characteristics.

So what is tables & ndash; fireplaces? What are they? And what they need?


Relatively recently the world-renowned canadian manufacturer Napoleon presented the design and heating industry your stunning, exclusive product – gas table-fireplace, combining aesthetic and brilliant performance. Of course this brand is not the only manufacturer of such products, but the quality here is great, especially considering that these guys are actively spetsializiruyutsya that produce a variety of fireplaces, gas grills and other products for the picnic.

So, fireplaces are wood-burning fireplaces are designed to operate outdoors, gas fireplaces – for villas and cottages, fireplaces – handy thing, which is a true breakthrough in the modernization of apartments, and finally tables-fireplaces.

The best and most convenient option among these worktops – outdoor gas tables – fireplaces.

Is the embodiment of beauty, comfort and functionality due to its ergonomic and small dimensions of gas tables – fireplaces are very mobile and perfectly change the area of the dislocation can be moved out of the house to the garden, and placed on the verandah and in the gazebo, in the lounge area of the restaurant or on the terrace and many other places.

It can be used for several purposes: as an aesthetic component of your landscape design on a fine summer's evening (if we are talking about the garden) as a way of cooking right at the table, and how cozy the attribute decorating and warming your little sitting area where the fireplace area of the tabletop enables you to place food and drinks on the edges.

Operate outdoor gas tables – fireplaces can be in any season: in hot weather, the gas burner is covered with a special lid and you have a great table with an oversized square. In cool weather, the fireplace instantly warms up the air, and at night the space is illuminated with soft light. Rain are not afraid of him, so calmly install it to the open air.


the Gas cylinders located on the inside allow the top to operate, and the burner is equipped with a filtration layer of glass, so that unpleasant odors and soot buildup when you are not formed, resulting in street gas tables – fireplaces are very eco-friendly.

These countertops are incredibly aesthetic in appearance, due to the fact that an external imitation wood, although the fireplace is built of metal. There are rectangular, round and square models are perfect for gazebos or plot.

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