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  1. Board country of lime is a good combination of beauty, style and absolute health benefits.

Board country of lime is a good combination of beauty, style and absolute health benefits.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Who among us has not faced a situation when we are overcome by prolonged fatigue, caused by a number of quite understandable factors: daily stress, the small troubles of life, the gray uniformity of the weekdays. People today trying to live and grow up with our dynamic world, and in pursuit of that all the time, we sometimes completely forget about their own pleasure and health. But this is completely wrong.

It is essential to preserve their physical and mental health, otherwise our body at one time can figuratively “break” and retaliate against us for negligent attitude towards it.

What helps modern people to relax from the busy world and eliminate accumulated stress. Answers here enough, because everyone chooses for themselves the most appropriate option: some seek solitude, leaving on the sea or in nature, others figuratively speaking relieves stress which – or a trendy restaurant, the third one staying at home watching TV, and there are those who don't mind talking to a psychologist to get good advice on how to get rid of the accumulated fatigue.
All of these options are certainly wonderful, but we forgot about one of the most elegant and win-win option, which will fill happiness in your heart and to warm your body and soul.

A bath, in fact it thanks to its enveloping heat and a few healing relieve fatigue from every cell of your body.
Bath in the modern world – this is a place for relaxation, socializing with loved ones and close friends, and of course the way to get quality and health and hygiene procedures.

It's a brilliant option for mental and physical relief of the body, and believe me friends no luxurious Jacuzzis or sophisticated showers, and other plumbing newfangled chips are not equal in popularity with the classic bathhouse.

That is why almost every second house has a private Bariloche, where she is given due attention. First, people fully think through the future building: how to warm what the furnace for a bath is better to choose which shelves to equip and some battens for the bath is better to use.
In addition to the construction of baths, significant attention is paid to its internal arrangement, i.e. the interior. It is important and beautiful to arrange the interior of the future steam to style line is corresponded to each area.

After all, a particular design will directly affect the future selection of furniture, decorative items and even construction materials.

Fortunately, today in Kazakhstan there is a huge selection of materials for both the exterior and interior of the bathhouse. In every city of our state, be it Astana, Karaganda, Pavlodar and Almaty cities there are specialized outlets that sell these products. If you wish, you can buy any liked goods to steam at a reasonable price!

Well continuing the theme of design, we note that one of the most popular and relatively inexpensive chips, introduced in the design of the bath world is Board country. Now we have more details about it, and we'll talk!


The bathhouse beat in different design, where in recent times high demand country style. This interior for a similar Russian style, but with a presence of its own “highlights”. It is characterized bleached furniture made of wood (often brashirovanie furniture that is aged). In the rest room tissue present a motley crew of rascvetok and “catchy” tableware made of wood or ceramic. Also here it is desirable to use beams for the ceiling.

The phrase “Board country” speaks for itself, because this material will fit perfectly in country-style (alternatively, you ethnic or Russian style because they are similar to country), and your fresh decorated this Board will look very impressive and expensive.

What is the Board country of lime and how is it special?

In fact Board country of lime for baths – this is the same sheathing Board with healing properties inherent to the lime wood, only it looks much more expensive than conventional boards. So-called bath “Suite”, which you can use to decorate the inside of the wall or ceiling, and your steam would look like built of log.

It is made by cutting without selection, where their distinctive feature is a bright texture, saturated color and unusual rounded form.
We add that the Board country of lime will be as excellent aesthetic decoration in the bath, and a real doctor, due to the excellent healing properties of wood.

Recall about the operational and therapeutic properties of lime. Wood basswood immediately attracts attention with its elegant light colour and honey aroma. She also is not afraid of moisture, temperature jumps, and various rodents. It does not rot and does not emit tar, but still an excellent insulator that to steam General finding. It is easy to handle, and durable, and the presence of essential oils in its composition creates a therapeutic effect to the organism, facilitating the syndromes of respiratory and respiratory diseases and strengthening immunity.

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