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  1. Types of wood for interior finishing baths and saunas: selection criteria and benefits

Types of wood for interior finishing baths and saunas: selection criteria and benefits

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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the Choice of finishing materials for saunas – it's pretty tricky, requiring careful attention and study of the properties of a particular wood species. It affects the comfort and safety of tourists.

the pair have used only environmentally friendly materials, natural wood. Depending on the characteristics of the breed, it creates a certain atmosphere in the room, sometimes you can reach and health effect.


the Tree for the bath: features selection

As already noted, it is desirable to choose for finishing baths and saunas, natural wood. If we are talking about the break room or another room, this option offers a choice to the customer, but for steam it is not optional.

you can Use wood of any deciduous species with a small density. When choosing a more dense wood (beech, oak, elm) the surface is fast and very hot.

the Inner walls are often spread aspen or basswood. They are resistant to moisture, do not crack, do not overheat under high temperatures, do not emit harmful resins.

Who are not accustomed to indulge in luxury usually choose cedar – he looks noble and exudes a pleasant aroma.

Board for interior cladding should choose without knots. They are more dense than the wood, so stronger hot. In close contact with such “jagged” you may get burned.

Choosing the right finish for another room in the sauna or the bath, pay attention to conifers. Where the air temperature is lower, it is possible to save on material, and the appearance did not suffer.

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Characteristics of rocks

Among the huge variety of breeds, it is important to choose wood for the sauna, which will not only satisfy aesthetic demands, but also to fulfill its intended purpose.

Consider the features and properties of wood species presented in the company directory "Pinocchio and”

  1. the
  2. Cedar. Hardly anything can compete with the cedar on the degree of nobility. In addition, cedar displays a stunning performance properties:

  • the
  • ease of handling;
  • the
  • resistance to temperature changes;
  • the
  • water-repellent performance;
  • the
  • neutrality to fungus and insects;
  • the
  • fragrant essential oil.
  1. the
  2. Larch. In operation, it does not change the pristine color. It contains a lot of nutrients. Strength is not inferior to the oak, not afraid of moisture and high temperature. Last of this breed for decades.

  3. the
  4. Lime. Enjoys unprecedented demand among fans of a comfortable and healthy rest. The main advantages of lime:

  • the
  • ease of handling;
  • the
  • the lack of cracking;
  • the
  • create a pleasant aroma in the room;
  • the
  • prevention of diseases of the respiratory system.
  1. the
  2. Aspen. Popular and available wood. Very easily handled, produces no harmful resins, is soft.

  3. the
  4. Spruce, pine. One of the most affordable options for the price, has a pronounced thermal insulation properties.


Tips for interior decoration of the baths and saunas

Reflecting their own preferences for a particular kind of wood, do not forget about safety. Remember that at high temperatures certain breeds, emit dangerous substances that can harm health.

in Addition, prone to heat rocks can cause burns of varying degrees. Taking into account the peculiarities of the design, pick for a steamy cold rocks.

Financial condition for some is the deciding factor when choosing a finishing material for baths and saunas. Those who could not afford cedar or oak, is to focus on more affordable alternatives – Linden, aspen, alder. With options for finish, see directory online store “Pinocchio and”.

just for the steam room, it is preferable to use wood more expensive, because it has mechanical properties, can prolong the service life of the finish and to preserve the visual component of the room. Other rooms can be treated with rocks easier.

it is not recommended to combine different kinds of wood in the same room. They respond differently to microclimate and can change color and texture over time.

Any wood, even the most expensive, requires careful maintenance. To preserve the beauty and beneficial qualities of the chosen lining will help special protective materials. They are designed to prevent premature aging, improve the resistance to negative factors and to refresh the appearance.

high Quality paint materials environmentally friendly, safe for children and adults. Treating such tools surface, you should not be afraid of the wood rotting, cracking and loss of functional characteristics.

the range of our online store features dozens of materials, designed to protect walls, floors, ceilings, furniture in the baths and saunas. All substances are certified, environmentally friendly and efficient.

the arrangement of the steam cannot be considered completed until the end, if you have not selected the main attributes: floor mats, brooms, Slippers, tank like phyto and fonts etc. the Swimming capacity of natural wood promote relaxation, recovery, saturation of the body with nutrients and the attainment of psychological balance. To buy the suitable size of the tank and also furniture for Your bath and sauna will help our consultants.

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