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Accessories for the bath

Things to buy
A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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We are pleased to welcome you to our online store “Pinocchio". We offer high-quality products for the construction of baths, accessories to use, as well as gift sets for friends and relatives.

In the section "Accessories for baths and saunas” you can buy the most necessary. We have provided everything that you may need. To buy the products wholesale or retail.

Our store has already established itself on the market. We only work with the supplier without intermediaries.

What you need for a good hike to the bathhouse? It's a bit of your desire, a free evening, and of course, accessories for the bath.

this includes:

  • the
  • mittens;
  • the
  • Slippers
  • the
  • brooms;
  • the
  • hats, and so on.


If you want to build your own sauna, then a list of these things is expanding.

Here, in addition to the above, you need:

  • the
  • mirrors;
  • the
  • mats;
  • the
  • thermometers.
  • the
  • clock and more.


All this you can order in our online store “Pinocchio". Also at your disposal – chain of retail stores in Almaty, where tourists can ensure the quality of our products.

We offer the best quality products at reasonable prices. The materials for our accessories are used only environmentally friendly. We care not only about your comfort but about your health.

How to choose a good broom for a bath?

Broom – one of the main attributes of the bath. Without it difficult to imagine a Russian bath. They differ in material – there are oak twigs, birch, pine, lime, and even such exotic options as broom, eucalyptus, nettle, or sage.

In a good broom all the leaves intact, if shaken they fall. The leaves are clean and beautiful, no raids, no wrinkles. The optimal length of a broom without a handle-50-60 cm


How to choose the right gloves?

Gloves need not one pair, but at least three:

  • the
  • working pair of gloves, which are made all the preparations for baths, to keep hands with no cuts, burns, and so on;
  • the
  • canvas mittens – this pair serves to maintain the hand during use of the broom. The handle of the broom can damage the delicate skin of the palms, especially if the broom is connected by a metal wire;
  • the
  • Mittens for the steam room – they are used for massage, it removes the sweat. The materials used for these mittens, pretty rough, but they do not hurt the skin. It is through these natural hard materials increases lymph flow, improves blood microcirculation in small capillaries.

For your convenience, you can order a call and our consultants will contact you. Or you can send a message, and our consultants will immediately respond to you.

We do everything to make your stay most comfortable and enjoyable.

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