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Lining for baths

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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We are pleased to welcome to our online store “Pinocchio". Recommended high quality products for the construction of baths, accessories to use, as well as gift sets. We can buy goods wholesale or retail. We work directly with suppliers, without intermediaries.

One of the main points in the construction of baths and saunas is a finishing material. Often when you mention the word “Boards”.

Siding-finishing material for baths and saunas. Before the wooden planks trimmed transport wagons, which was very convenient. Then this method was adopted by the builders, and these wooden slats were used in finishing baths and saunas.


what are the advantages of siding with the finish?

This is eco-friendly material, aesthetic and practical. It becomes especially important in conditions of the baths and saunas, where increased humidity and temperature.

According to the sheathing material can not only the walls but also the ceiling and floor.

Modern wall paneling can be from any tree, but the most popular materials for its production are:

  • pine tree;
  • the
  • tree;
  • the
  • lime;
  • the
  • alder;
  • the
  • cedar and so on.


the Whole range is available in our online store “Pinocchio". In retail stores in Almaty will easily verify the quality of our products.


What lining to choose?

Lime lining – one of the favorites. It heats up quickly and cools down slowly. The wood itself secretes honey, and creates a unique flavor. Essential oils contained in the lime, a beneficial effect on the body. Well, as a bonus – Linden does not require additional processing.

a Good option is aspen – it is similar in performance to the fake wood, but more dense. This finish will last for many years. Unlike Linden, aspen needs finishing and it should not contain resins.

the Lining of larch is quite expensive, because its properties are extremely attractive – elasticity, strength, property of a long time to keep warm. She is very beautiful – finish larch will aesthetically please you in your every visit bath or sauna.

We offer the best quality products at reasonable prices. Materials for our bunks are only used environmentally friendly. We care not only about your comfort but about your health.

For your convenience, try to book a call and we will get back with you, you can Also send a message.

Your experience with us will be pleasant and efficient.

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