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Doors for baths and saunas

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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an Important point that is often overlooked by the builders during the construction of baths and saunas, are doors. If much attention is paid to the stability of the walls and ceiling, the shelves, the doors, an afterthought. It is in vain: the door is experiencing a smaller load of high humidity and temperature, and therefore, her choice should be approached very carefully.

in addition to wooden and glass doors for baths and saunas in our online store presents window, glass shower walls, glass doors to bath.

All this you can order in our online store “Pinocchio", as well as through a network of retail shops in Almaty. There you will certainly ensure the quality of our products to purchase them at any time.

We offer the best quality products at reasonable prices. Materials for our doors we use only environmentally friendly. In addition, we care not only about your comfort but about your health.

How to choose doors in the bath or sauna?

There are standard requirements that apply to these doors.

  • temperature Resistance. The tree is more resistant to heat, on the other hand, it is more flammable. Glass is less heat resistant, but less fuel;
  • the
  • Durability. Because of the constantly high humidity wood can absorb moisture and deform, with glass, these problems will not arise. Not all types of trees absorb water, so for the doors the best use of lime or larch;
  • the
  • Durability. The glass piece is durable and durable, wooden door easier to disassemble and replace;
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  • the Allocation. Trees when heated can select the essential oils or chemical substances that have a therapeutic effect. Glass when heated will not allocate any harmful or useful substances, as all hot substances in its composition have burned at the production stage.

We only work with the supplier without intermediaries. All products can be purchased wholesale or retail.

When choosing doors do not forget to think about the need of window installation in a bath or sauna. Our online store offers you the choice of door handle from different materials to suit every taste.

Call us and our consultants will advise you on matters of interest.

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