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To buy phyto barrels

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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the history of the baths goes back centuries. Now have a steam room in your own home can be anyone. Modern manufacturing technology and manufacturers offer customers a wide variety of baths and saunas, which differ in size and operation. To purchase high-quality hot tub for home and professional use on our website.


hot tub: features and specifications

the Barrel or cedar barrel is the latest and most popular varieties of baths. Externally, the design resembles a standard wooden tubs, which are used for storage of various supplies.

was installed Inside the shop, during the procedure, the person is asked to take a seat. The barrel is equipped with two hatches: one side for the entrance to the bath, and the second is located on top, forming a sealed space for bathing. The top has a hole for the head. Thus, the whole body, except the head, is warm.

In a barrel equipped with a special steam generator which delivers steam. Hot humid air is additionally saturated with phytoaromatic. Dry herbs are filled into a container to be placed in the steam generator.


working Principle of the interview is quite simple:

  • the
  • in the steam generator is filled with clean water;
  • the
  • in a container adds certain fees herbs;
  • the
  • exhibited a preferred temperature of evaporation;
  • the
  • hardware is included in the electrical network;
  • the
  • after the water boils, enriched with herbal aroma steam through the steam line goes to where the people.

advantages of the interview

In contrast to the standard baths or saunas, phyto tub has healing properties. Due to the fact that the thermal effect accounts for the upper body, it can become an excellent prevention of respiratory diseases. The average heater temperature is 42-45 degrees, and the session time is limited to 10-15 minutes.

For the manufacture of interview, we use natural wood and materials that are not afraid of high humidity. Environmentally friendly product has a positive effect on the human immune system, well relaxes, cleanses the body, removes excess fluid.

Compact size perfectly allow you to install the equipment in almost any room. The main thing that was good ventilation.

we Have you can buy various interview, made according to rules and technology. All products have quality certificates of the established sample. In addition, to order Almaty are additional accessories that will make the process of bathing a true delight! Possible installment for the purchase of goods, and delivery throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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