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Stoves Teplodar is a product done right!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Everyone wants to get super stove for a relatively reasonable cost, and this is perhaps due to intense competition in the market of heating appliances. Note that our heater is not inferior in quality to their foreign counterparts, and their price is much cheaper. Of course, all of you will acquire the heater, based on your pocket and individual preference.
Furnace for a bath – the subject is quite interesting and continue it for a long time, but I would like to stay on furnaces produced in Russia, which simply cannot be ignored.
So, welcome – furnaces for baths «Sochi» - a stylish, bright and versatile.

Furnaces for baths “Sochi” began its journey with the beautiful city of Novosibirsk since 1997, and in a short time managed to assert itself as a quality and acceptable product not only in Russia but also in CIS countries.
Its rightful place the product won and the Kazakhstan market, where the furnaces for baths Teplodar in Almaty, Astana and several other cities are buying with great pleasure.
What is their popularity and what are their main features that distinguish them from the furnaces of other manufacturers?
Let's start with the fact that stoves Teplodar created with all the technical features of the heating equipment and is intended for home saunas, or commercial saunas.
Furnaces for baths «Sochi» made of stainless steel, in the presence of chromium, about 17 and 13 percent, depending on the load sheet thickness 2 to 4 mm.
Due to the presence of the convector-steel casing perforated with small fuel costs the air and stones in the steam room warmed up quite quickly.
The humidity in the room can be easily adjusted with the help of special cranes on the water tank that regulates water flow into the oven.
If you have a long furnace, almost every heater can be combined with the burner on gas. All of these facilities is only possible subject to availability to connect to the gas pipeline.
Bath to heat can be an average of an hour.
The products of “Sochi” includes a dozen models of ovens and five times more modifications. There are models for baths and saunas, involving dry and wet pair. There is a combination of the heater, suitable for a pair of both types.
As mentioned previously, stoves Teplodar run on gas and wood.
Gas wood burning stoves Teplodar – it's the same kovanci where there is a remote fuel channel, which is installed on a gas burner. If desired, you can melt the stove again with wood, just remove it from the gas burner. Gas – a convenient and practical form of fuel, but warms the room slowly.
To the main lineup includes the stove, as “Sugar”, “Kompar», «Russia», «Kuban», «blast Furnace», «Siberian rock”. Let's look at some of them.
Furnace «Russia»- that is necessary for the Russian Banya, with a perfect balance between humidity and temperature that is so important for a sauna.
An improved model of ‘New Russia” includes upgraded chimney and vents for convection. The original design, where there are paintings on the outer panels and door with heat resistant glass. Besides closed stove in the presence of larger capacity makes the oven more efficient.
Wood burning stove «Kuban» - this is a godsend for experimentalists, because it is equipped with a closed and an open stove, where steam is installed at your discretion and bath warms up very quickly.
Closed stove with automatic feeder water, thereby obtaining a light and dry steam, creating a hot and humid Russian steam room. This furnace is designed for rooms up to 20 cubic meters Also it has a suspended tank or a remote tank with heat exchanger, 60 or 80 liters.
Another newcomer among drovenik – model "Furnace". The heater in the furnace allows you to make the pairs easier, warming up the stones to the desired temperature. Itself a vertical furnace having a stainless steel in the composition and covered at the top by the casing.
Would like to provide a furnace for saunas Siesta, which is able to warm up to 20 cubic meters With this unique design you can heat a steam room, where the door of the fireplace, allows you to monitor the heating of the premises. And with this stove you can afford a tasty kebab.  everything else, there is a vertical furnace, a closed heater from different angles. Also furnace capable of controlling the process of heating due to dampers in the chimney and doors. The device is equipped with a system of ‘Antidam" cleaning glass and steam generator built-in.
Equipment BBQ (barbecue) includes a lattice-grill, a sheet of iron that covers the grate.
Closed stove on the back side of the furnace, where  upper side are equipped with shutters-grille and air ducts for warming the middle of the room.
Model “Sugar”  – Finnish instrument, but because of the progressive design features, bath attendants can relax in the sauna and Russian steam room, choosing to taste, dry or wet steam.
Stoves Teplodar represented by the line of the ‘Siberian rock” have good efficiency and improved heat transfer, allowing to extract more light steam. The furnace has forged mesh.
Model “Kompar” is a great option for commercial baths and saunas, or for large steam rooms. Furnace has high efficiency, can heat up to 300 kg of stones, because of the improved system of flues where gases repeatedly circulate, giving her the warmth.
The alloy walls of the furnace has a chromium and titanium in the composition, reaching up to 6 mm in places of high load.
Every furnace has its own nuances, so recommendations for each individual. However, there are certain requirements for all furnaces:
Remember that the allowable interval from the heating of the structure to the wall is 1200 mm and 1250 mm up ahead, about five hundred mm back and in different directions. But if equipped with a screen of bricks, reduce the distance four times with the accounting gap of thirty mm to a combustible surface.
The screen of bricks for constructing 5 cm above the heater.
A floor made of flammable materials protect with sheets of iron, setting them in front of the furnace door.
A schematic installation of the heater “Sugar – 10”.
Buy furnace Teplodar for baths in Almaty should be in the company implementing a firebox for steam rooms.
Our company “Pinocchio and" received stoves Teplodar that you can explore HERE!



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