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  1. Ovens for bathhouse "Vohringer" - an exceptional harmony of age-old traditions and modern technologies.

Ovens for bathhouse "Vohringer" - an exceptional harmony of age-old traditions and modern technologies.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Since the people living in different regions of our globe, has mastered many techniques of cleansing your body. In most cases, these traditions are determined by climatic conditions inhabited by a particular people.
For example – in Sunny Turkey temperature in Bariloche is not too high, and it varies from 35 to 50 degrees. In the cool Finnish climate preferred the hot and dry Finnish sauna, because the humidity here is 15%, he temperature regime reaches 110 C. But significant features of the beloved Russian bath-house formed in moderately – the continental climate of the Central zone of Russia. As a result, the humidity in the Russian bath and reaches almost 100 %

Of course, preferences can be very versatile, however, for any sauna or steam rooms it is important to choose the best stove for baths.
Because we all know that bath stove occupies a key place in any steam, as its heart. It provides exclusive climate of the steam room.
Today we want to focus your attention on the stove for baths ‘Geringer” from the well-known Russian plant.

the stoves “VOHRINGER” - WHAT are THEY interested in AND WHAT is the SECRET of THEIR POPULARITY?

Stove works ‘Geringer” is a famous Russian brand, which has about 20 years experience in constructing ovens of different configuration and orientation. Turns out, in their catalogue you can find both the heating units and furnaces for baths and saunas.

Just think that the company has already patented the device 31, through which design of bath units is constantly improving. Their key mission was to create a unique climate for steam where people will be healthier. It is the restoration of the lost traditions of native Russian parilochki has become one of the primary tasks of the company.
Furnace for bath ‘Geringer» is an elegant design, superior technology and absolute reliability.

They enjoy a huge demand among consumers because of their technical advantages:

1). One of the unique components of furnaces from the ‘Geringer” is the generation of a considerable volume of steam, what is the difference between the above-mentioned ovens from their similar counterparts. Think about it, not just dry heated air, namely pairs a beneficial effect on your health.

2). Top ignition. What this superiority, coupled with the likelihood of collecting the firebox without grate gives you the opportunity to ‘tighten" of the fiery tongues that actually keeps the hot temperature in the furnace.

3). The long-term.  stoves ‘Geringer» durable, due to the fact that they use high quality 3 mm steel. The furnace housing itself is protected by a special heat-resistant protective structure.

4). The stove is equipped with special screens from glass, which means full control of the kiln from the inside.

5). The ease of use. Furnaces for baths and saunas ‘Geringer” simple to use, because in order to warm up the room one time you need to throw the logs into the furnace.

6). Multitasking. Such ovens can be used, as in the Russian steam rooms, and saunas.

7). The possibility of the coordination mode of the temperatures. Due to the special system for blowing, the temperature can easily be adjusted.

And finally, I want to add that the furnace ‘Geringer” created drawings, where each unit has a unique method of burning that has no analogues on the market.


Depending on the configuration and accessories of the furnace from the ‘Geringer” are available in two categories – “Slats” and “Steam Stove”.
Stoves that operate on solid fuel from the first group “Slats” is equipped with the unique option of blowing the heater through the valve. Because of this, they function both in dry and in wet steam mode. Another exclusive feature of these stoves – provide a flavored steam, owing to this series of special fotopribor. Isn't it wonderful to have your own Spa – salon at home?
Also Kamenka “Slats” is a spectacular decoration of the interior by their unusual stone facing.
The stove belonging to the second group “Steam” is a brilliant functionality and a closed stove. These units will give You the best climate in the steam room.

For supporters of the Finnish sauna are available wood stoves ‘Geringer», which perfectly heat the air and the shelves and walls parilochki.
Also for the convenience of bathers to the stoves provide additional device – a heat exchanger for a heater, chimneys, and backpacks – tanks.

Regarding the cost of furnaces, it all depends on the model, size, equipment and functionality.

And it turns out, the price of furnace Peringer varies from 75 000 tenge to 450 000 tenge depending on your preference.

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