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  1. What is a furnace for the bath Peringer: TOP 3 best unit!

What is a furnace for the bath Peringer: TOP 3 best unit!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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If You decide buy a wood burning stove for baths in Almaty, then take your choice very seriously, because of the kiln depends on the overall climate of the steam room. We all know how important stoves, because they determine not only the quality of the overall steam and heated steam, but even brings a special mood to the design of the structure. So what kind of stove to choose, and how it will affect your further time in the bath? To give a definite answer to this query is somewhat difficult, because the choice of stoves in a segment is very large, and the choice is always yours. This gas furnace for bath, and their counterparts on the wood or electricity. However, today, we present You the furnace for a bath Peringer. This upscale units, where there are open and closed stove (sauna heater).


the bath furnace Deringer is identical to the true stoves of stone, and have a number of features. They have several types:

- Finnish sauna (dry) – the functioning of the valve open
- Quick drying steam buildings – a strong flame, the valve opening.
- Russian stove – covered valve, air, contact (direct) with a shell mechanism
- Blowing of the furnace is used for the regulation of the hot air

Their specificity can be attributed to the fact that the air passes through separate channels via a heat-resistant door. In the oven there is no ash pan and grate lattices, and the fire is carried out from top to bottom.


Stoves Faringer are:

“Steam ustanovochki” for the bathhouse (closed). Building from the inside they are identical, differ only in parameters. We are talking about the categories ‘steam oven” and “Slats”, they have a landscape screen, and their doors are made of iron or steel.

Mode Russian bathhouse uses the following characters:

- Compact steam – “tiny”
- Bariloche average parameters
- Harmony – for the bulk of prilosec
“Steam ustanovochki” for the bathhouse (open) – “Golden Section". They are designed for saunas and have an infinity screen and door glass.

Among them are the following categories:

The baby – about 16 cubes
Classic – about 18 cubes
Dobrynya  - about 30 cubes

Also the data furnaces for baths have their pros and cons:

- Exquisite appearance
- Superior energy efficiency
- Excellent quality paints and materials
- Absolute integrity and ability to coordinate air flow
- Thrust reduced at the closing due to the presence of a slide gate
The logs burned evenly
- There is no need for frequent cleaning of the glass
- Fire safety

Regarding the flaws, they almost do not have these units. Some users have inflated prices, but the quality is worth it.


All furnace for bath Deringer can be divided into 3 types of equipment.

Category “Slats”. These units have exquisite finishes of the stones, the heater they have closed, so you first heat up the stones, and then the steam room. They are very economical, because warmed up through the top of the kindling and logs enough hours to 4. This series includes the stove, focused on a different volume, and their veneer is used different stones for the bathhouse.

Category «Steam oven". This is the best choice for Russian bathhouse, as best the body heals soft steam. Near the stove has no grate, so they are easy to care for. Their distinctive quality – beyond comfort temperature in the bath.

Category «Golden section". This jovanoski, which are divided into different subspecies (see the structure volume). In their logs used different length and they should be stored in such a way as to fill about one third of the entire furnace. You can use “sawed” logs.


the Wood burning furnace Deringer from the section Mini include up to 10 units with stone ablizovich. Sight glass used in the door, and the camera itself is made of heat-resistant steel. The stove of the series, heat the room up to 16 cubes. Their equipment includes picocontainer and a steam gun that can give you the feeling of being in a SPA – the salon when you're bathing in the home "the bath".
To their “credibility” include: exquisite appearance, delicious couples and small overload (convection). Regarding the flaws, here we can only highlight the fact that the logs must be shorter than the standard length.

the Furnace Deringer section ‘Optima" is a wonderful period (2019) the novelty, which is ideal for baths. Level of heating of about 19 cubic meters. It has a closed heater, and will fit about 100 kg stone. Visually this stove is installed, if through the wall because the heater is located in one room, and the portal passed into the next room. The advantages include its unique method of setting, and the ability to use up to 10 types of stones for cladding. Among the shortcomings noted only the price!

Wood burning stoves ferinher the section “Maxi” is a stunning stove with ablizovich of stone. These units create a wonderful pairs, and improve health. Their level heating parilochki about 30 cubic meters, and for lining, you can choose 10 colors.
Pros: fuel economy, reliability, picocontainer and gun for a couple. Regarding the flaws also specify the price.
Finally I will add that wood-fired oven from the well-known brand Peringer – this unique device embodies exquisite design, environmental friendliness, ease and the brilliant operational criteria.

It is a choice, which is worthy of your bathhouse!!!

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