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  1. The finished bath turn-key: a worthy analogue of the stationary steam bath!

The finished bath turn-key: a worthy analogue of the stationary steam bath!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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You love to go to the bath? What do you think causes the bathhouse, which is built at your site, and constantly not only pleases your eyes but also gives your body the purity and health?

We believe that both these questions have caused you exceptionally warm the emotions, because it is almost impossible to meet someone who would be indifferent to steam sessions.

Bath construction – is an attribute of relaxation and comfort in a pleasant and friendly company, and, of course, a place symbolizing the acquisition of visual appeal, clarity of mind and health. However, before you get all the benefits emanating from this unique structure, it must first be built. Everyone knows that the construction of comfortable and high quality parilochki  - it is though very useful, but requires to spend a lot of time and money. And unfortunately, not everyone is ready immediately to begin construction of the bathhouse, due to various circumstances. And what if to take advantage of the opportunity to buy bath turn-key inexpensive in Almaty? Sounds a bit overwhelming, and my head starts running up a lot of questions that this building represents and where to buy it. Be calm, because the modern market is so abundant goods, even the finished bath turn-key can easily be purchased through hardware stores or even ordered online.

Today ready mobile baths – a brilliant alternative to their usual massive counterparts, because they are compact, beautiful, comfortable, and you can use them almost instantly after they appear on your land. If you have a small suburban plot or you don't want to spend a lot of Finance and time on the construction of traditional steam rooms, this bathhouse – this is a wonderful option for you.


Originally ready mobile banand  are a compact construction of the timber established under certain conditions. Experts preparing for the client is a small body, and then negotiate the inner lining of the future building at the request of the client. And often, all that is required from the owner of the site – is to take care of special design in order to establish there the bathhouse, and to consider all communications work (however, there are companies that perform these works). As a rule, the finished bath turn-key consist of the same rooms as regular steam room. This shower, Bariloche and relaxation room. Moreover, the structure is equipped with electricity, stove, water tank and even furniture. Internal cladding wood is from the type of wood that is most suitable for a particular room. Between the lining in the Bariloche usually to put insulation. Regarding the parameters of the finished baths, the width is usually standard and is up to 2.5 meters and a length ranging from 5 to 8 meters depending on the preferences of the client.

The advantages of such construction include the following:

- Ease of use. the Ready mobile baths can be used almost immediately
- Variation of parameters selection. You can choose the bath of any size, but not less than 4 meters
- Reasonable cost. Prices of finished products significantly inferior to their traditional brethren, especially considering that you don't need to spend money on the Foundation.
- Transportation (transportation) the delivery of such baths at any place will be held without the hassle.

So, you're convinced that this bathhouse has a lot of advantages. And we finally add that people who regularly visit the steam room, get sick much less frequently, because the bathhouse is excellent fights with different viruses and easily removes most toxins from the body. Good steam room – it is a storehouse of health benefits, so it was such a huge success among the population at all times.And think about what if you don't build fixed the bathhouse, then buy the finished bath turn-key and everyone can, we just need to discuss the desire and, of course, discuss all the details of the plan with the builders. We are confident that after all the deliberation, the decision will be in favor of the steam!

In our catalogue you can ready mobile baths for every taste! Come to visit us, and see for yourself!

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