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  1. Bath the Jade stone is a storehouse of medicinal couple in an elegant green color.

Bath the Jade stone is a storehouse of medicinal couple in an elegant green color.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Can it be that – that is more wonderful than to visit a Russian Bariloche in one of Saturday evenings? Of course, the bathhouse can be visited more often, all depends on your mood and the free time in the schedule, and this is especially convenient if it is built on a private plot. Therefore, today the majority of owners of private houses did not imagine the existence of a private, comfortable home without his beloved steam room.

Bathhouse – it's not just a place for bathing and swimming, it is primordial Russian tradition, who won the distinguished title of national life. It is important to note that bath sessions made special significance in different countries, and in the current period, we actively observed the Finnish, Turkish and Japanese baths, as well as infrared saunas. Each of prilocec very interesting and useful, but it was the Russian bathhouse is the most clear and close to our Genesis, philosophy and traditions. It is famous for its special microclimate, where the temperature reaches 50 degrees, and the humidity level is quite high. In wood products used special twigs and logs to create a special pair, and you guessed it, the right stones for the baths are one of the most important components!
Of course, you should start with the fact that the pairs are different, and each one has its own furnace for a bath. Is the so-called furnace in the steam room is its main attribute, from which depends the quality of your vapor, and, consequently, your health. the stoves there are logs, gas and electricity. And here, each based on their preferences. Wood burning stoves are the most popular, because they are associated with a favorite classic, where we can fully feel the atmosphere of the steam room.
And if you are all – has opted for jovanoski, you remember more of such component as stones for baths. This very important moment in the process of evaporation, because it is “the right stones” create the right to health as a couple.
In this article we will tell you about this wonderful mineral, as bath stone jadeite. It is a unique stone, which a little mineral can be compared.


the Bath stone Jadeite – this attractive and sturdy semi-precious mineral for stoves with a wide range of medicinal qualities. Its name was coined by mineralogist from France in 1863, and his color varies from greenish – yellow to bright emerald. It contains over 60 elements from the periodic table. Regarding its use, it should be noted that it is actively used in jewelry and steam room. As it is often used for lining stoves bath, because this heater looks just amazing.
If we talk about its medicinal properties for a sauna, then to highlight is the fact that jadeite for sauna brilliant contributes to the strengthening of the human nervous system, improves the overall energy, and spospeshestvovat for ailments with the heart and kidneys, as well as infertility. When heated, the stone exudes metasilicic acid, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties, so it relieves pain, improves blood vessels, and eliminate malicious bacteria. Also, unlike its counterparts, this stone has much fewer metals. For the experiment You can pour Jadeite hot water, and its green color will move to the center, and eventually will return to the original view. Pouring water on him as much as anything, it will not crack and when heated, the chemical composition does not exude.

Among his achievements are the following:

- Exquisite appearance
Is practically the only semi-precious mineral that can be used in pairs.
- He's brilliant saves heat, and even is a source of infrared waves.
- It enriches the water with useful metasilicic acid, and allows you to ionize the air.
- Its quality will not lose their properties a few years after it is used in the steam rooms.
- Durability through its brilliant strength and durability
- Forms a large number of soft and scalding steam.
- Its radiation properties are normal, and are even below the threshold.

Also a note its delightful pine aroma.

Finally I will add that bath stone Jadeite is available in two varieties: crushed and ground.
Chipped stones are used for uploading into the furnace because of their rough surface gives good vapor. But their brushed counterparts on the contrary very smooth, and are often used in saunas.

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