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  1. Weber grills – it's not just the art of cooking food, and lifestyle!

Weber grills – it's not just the art of cooking food, and lifestyle!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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People from all over the world possessed such consummate art, as the ability to expertly produce tender and juicy meat. Moreover, it can be as advanced chefs, and ordinary folk who though that – that know anything about cooking with fire.
Of course, people at all times sought to develop different ways of cooking through the flames, but in the present age it has become significantly easier, because mankind has invented different unique design to it. Remember what it was like in the old days, when people were out on a picnic with mangalitza, and the whole day was roasting it on a barbeque, or equip heavy units of brick, which was uncomfortable in cooking. However, life always goes forward, and humanity successfully transformed most of the things by which we came up with a stunning design called the grill. Initially, this unusual unit came to our country from the far West, where they have long been considered the best attribute for barbecues and picnics. So today we understood the full purpose of this wonderful invention, and almost every other fan of outdoor activities to strive to get the grill in Almaty through the special point of sales.
So, everyone chooses for themselves, and gain Gelnica, which is more relished. However, if you want to have such device at home, but haven't picked a brand, we advise you to pay attention to the Weber grills. Is the founder of best spherical grills with a lid, replaced the first American girlnice that were more similar to a fireplace or grill. Now the company has grown so much that its model range you can find anything you want: this Weber charcoal grill,and its analogues, operating on different fuel and accessories. Let's tell a bit of history of this iconic company and learn about the main merits of these grills.


It often happens that many great works have created a very unusual! Weber grills are no exception, they were constructed of the marine buoy. Just think how brilliant and unusual to come up with that. That way when – and then was invented the first Weber grill spherical shape by a man named George Stephen, who made a splash in the world of grilling and cooking.
The period of grilling experienced by Americans before the invention of the spherical shape of the machine for the preparation of food, called “brick century”. That is, people could only use mangalitza of brick, which was quite uncomfortable for various reasons. Big fan of the grill – culture Stephen was extremely dissatisfied with the current situation, and always tried to find a solution. And one day it dawned.
In 1952, after the immense amount of thought and experimentation, it, sailing on a yacht, looked at the intricate buoy, and it dawned. Subsequently, the buoy was cut into a couple of parts where the lower part was transformed into the pot, and to it were attached three legs and the upper part was used as a lid. This was the first prototype of a spherical Gelnica with the ability to coordinate the cooking. This was the starting point in the development of the enterprise Weber Stephen Products LLC. It is the updated weber grill, will embody a system that is easy to control and track. At the moment it is not easy to understand, was the basis of the developed unit is its versatility.  But one can say with confidence that the ability to cook direct and indirect method is a credit to the development of the spherical Gelnica. Today to buy a Weber grill in Almaty and worldwide is not a problem, because it is one of the most popular and recognizable brands, adorning terraces and gardens around the world.
So, a kettle grill won the title of the hit, and vposlednie has become a classic on the international segment of the grill – developments. And grills made of bricks a thing of the past. Himself Stephen founded his company actively engaged in the development and production of grills, where the main criteria are: sophisticated design, simple operation and, of course, excellent quality.


- The first thing “mesh” grills Weber – the durability and reliability that have become the key priorities of this brand. Their excellent quality can say a lot, but it's easier to pay attention to the fact that the company gives 10 years warranty on their product.
The second thing worth mentioning – that the Weber grill has a unique cap and shape in which it is possible to cook the best dishes without ash, ash and flame. Due to the presence of spherical shape of your vegetables, fish or meat saves all the juices, and you have exactly the variation of doneness and the crust that you need.
Third merit – is the fact that the Weber grill has a vast model range, where you can find both compact Gelnica and true multifunction “gastronomy monsters” for experienced cooks. It's stylish, functional and convenient gas grills Weber, classic their coal counterparts, and even Gelnica on electricity, which can be placed on the balcony of the house. Also the range of brand presents accessories for grill and BBQ Weber.
And the fourth advantage says that these Gelnica to use much better than mangalitsa or another grill. It is easy to warm up, it is convenient to prepare, and cleaning it simple.

In conclusion, I want to add simple but very true words Americans, which is a decent grill, you can “fix” anything. Just need to get this to Gelnica for 20 minutes, and you have a culinary miracle!

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