Gas stove Uralochka – efficient design at an affordable price. - buy in Almaty and Kazakhstan: price, cost in "Pinocchio"
  1. Gas stove Uralochka – efficient design at an affordable price.

Gas stove Uralochka – efficient design at an affordable price.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Today to buy a stove for a bath in Almaty can almost everyone, because the price of heaters is quite reasonable, and  the widest range of ovens in the store just causes the eyes to diverge.
Electric, wood, coal, gas ovens in different versions and design will fit perfectly in any room.
Those who have built a classical Russian bath prefer kovanci, busy people save their time prefer electric stoves, for whom – there is nothing better than gas furnaces, and someone with the coal mess is not a problem.
Has not lost its relevance gastromania the furnace for a bath that combines the ability to heat the air in the steam, not only with solid fuel, but using natural gas.
One of these universal models of furnaces for baths is gastromania oven Ermak Uralochka.
This model kiln, produced by the Russian company «Ermak» proved to be excellent both in the domestic and foreign markets.


Gastromania stove for baths Uralochka – this is a great option for warming the steam room and adjacent spaces with a heated area of about 20 m3 where the capacity of the heater is about 40 kg of stones.
Gastromania stove for baths Uralochka in Almaty is presented in two variations: classic – Uralochka-20 (20T), and the elite – Uralochka-20N (20 TONS). The design of the uniform, equipment and materials used are different.
The versatility of this furnace is to use two types of fuel: wood and natural gas, and due to the use of modern technologies in construction, fuel is spent economically, which is very beneficial during operation of the furnace.
The stove has a compact size, and its stylish ergonomic design it fits into any decor bath or sauna.
Model Uralochka - 20N have high strength and reliable design due to the fact that in the system of gas ducts and the furnace contains about 17% chromium, used heat-resistant stainless steel with a thickness of 4 mm, and the temperature scaling is 900.
Gastromania stoves Uralochka 20 is fitted with an automatic burner SABK – T allow you not only to work on both types of fuel, but also to provide automatic shutdown of gas supply in emergency situations when overheating of the air in the steam, breach of thrust and a flame failure at the pilot burner.
To operate burners only in automatic mode, it needs to be connected to natural gas.
Among other features of the burner note that it can operate in automatic mode at a predetermined temperature from +70 to +120 C

Gastromania stove for baths Uralochka has a number of structural peculiarities among which there are main
The furnace is equipped with an integrated step system of the chimney and a specialized system of heat exchange that allows to increase service life.
Gastromania stove for baths Uralochka arranged so that the fuel burns with maximum heat output, providing a good dissipation of flue gases into the atmosphere.
Gas stove Uralochka 20N is designed so that you can effortlessly to move from wood to natural gas.
During operation of the furnace, the consumer is not getting harmful infrared radiation, with a furnace casing – the heater that creates the optimum convective flow of heated air.
Oven has additional equipment, for example, you can place the heat exchanger on the right or left side of furnace. Heating of water is  using the water circuit. The heat exchanger can be switched off or put the system in convection mode.
There is a big heater of the open type, the Central location of the chimney.

If saving for you above all else and you decided to heat the furnace with gas, then proceed as follows:
Removing the glass furnace door, install in its place the burner, carefully fixing device.
Connect the gas hose to the nozzle, and then complete the adjustment work.
The essence of the process does not change in the case of firewood, only here you need to remove the gas burner by putting the furnace door in place. To ensure that the junction was not visible, use in the construction of special piping.
Gastromania furnace – a totally unique devices for heating steam with use of two types of energy: wood and natural gas.
Today, these ovens are gaining increasing popularity, therefore, if you decide to buy gastropanel stove for baths Uralochka in Almaty, you will get a great stove with two fuels at an affordable price.


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