Worry with pleasure and health along with a wood-burning stove "Ermak". - buy in Almaty and Kazakhstan: price, cost in "Pinocchio"
  1. Worry with pleasure and health along with a wood-burning stove "Ermak".

Worry with pleasure and health along with a wood-burning stove "Ermak".

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Today it is very fashionable to take care of your health. This is not surprising, because health-is the Foundation of human well-being in all spheres of activity. To maintain yourself in the right form, people are resorting to different methods: proper nutrition, gym, pool, yoga and so on.
This list lacks only the baths, ancient established as one of the most effective ways to maintain the cleanliness, beauty and health. As they say, the bathhouse, the body will correct, but the spirit will strengthen you!
A slight crackle of logs on the fire, the aroma of oak and broom, and the heat of the stones and the wooden floor under your feet – isn't it bliss?
But to create the right atmosphere in the steam room you need to choose the right oven. Despite the wide range of sauna stoves on the market, true for the bathhouse are kept in priority bath wood burning stoves or wood burning furnaces for baths.
Stove for baths and saunas Ermak recently appeared on the market in Kazakhstan almost immediately entered the top sheet of sales of heating equipment. Wood stove Ermak in Almaty attracted local potters, because they do not yield parameters and quality to foreign analogues, but their price is much cheaper.

Company Ermak was formed back in 1997 in the city of Kirov. All this time, she successfully and rapidly developed to become one of the leaders in the market of heating equipment. Today it is a major industrial holding company producing furnaces in different variations, not only for baths and saunas, but also for the home.
Our topic today relates only to the baths and saunas, so we will touch on furnaces for baths Ermak, namely the wood-burning oven Ermak.
Functional, stylish, reliable, versatile, ergonomic, durable – all of these adjectives characterize the wood-burning oven Ermak.

Stove for sauna on the firewood Ermak able to heat the room ranging from 6 to 50 m3, at a temperature of as much as 110 C.
The element that makes these furnaces a unique – free transform. That is, of the 10 presented basic models of people using a wide range of additional options allows you to equip up to 65 modifications of the furnace to your taste, taking into account technical parameters and dimensions of the room.
Among these options are: screen – the heater, the grid – the heater, mounted the tank and the heat exchanger. Furnace Ermak subdivided into wood-burning furnaces for baths with tank for water two types: furnaces for baths Ermak with a remote tank or built into the furnace heat exchanger and attached tank fixed on the stove.
Furnaces for baths Ermak with a remote tank – a great option for years because the hinged tank quite quickly heats the water in just a couple of hours, carrying out heating by transferring heat from the rear wall of the oven. Capacity up to 35 liters.
Ermak wood burning stove with a heat exchanger located in the furnace arranged so that the tank can be placed in the dressing room or the washing compartment of the bath, as it is designed for water heating in the conditions of natural circulation. Capacity up to 60 liters.
Screen – convector furnace Ermak protects from the harsh infrared rays by direction of the heat flow along the walls of the furnace. Grid – the heater is applied to the oven, pre-filling with stones(up to 50 kg of stones), which allows not only to increase the heat capacity of the stoves, but also to remove harmful infra-red radiation.
Since we are talking about wood ovens, do not forget about the chimney.
Wood stove Ermak are divided into two categories: classic and elite. They differ by material and package contents: elite models are made of heat-resistant stainless steel and classic models use structural steel.
In the classical models of furnace thickness is 6 mm and the gas passage and the other elements equal to 4 mm.
In the elite performance as the thickness of the steel furnace is 2 mm when the maximum heat of 900 degrees. The presence of heat-resistant glass on the furnace door.
Not to mention about the uniqueness of the devices  circulation system of air and gases formed by the combustion of fuel and furnace design.
It works as a reverse acquisition, the so called heat recovery when the hot flue gases give their heat through the metal wall of the air steam room, before moving to the fireplace.
Thus, a wood-burning oven Ermak in the short term warm up the room with little fuel consumption, thereby emphasizing not only the efficiency of furnaces, and their efficiency.

In conclusion, it remains only to add that wood-fired oven Ermak price which is quite acceptable, took its rightful place in the market. Beautiful design, the ability to create Jovanka almost zero and excellent technical characteristics played a role, making the furnace needed for buyers. By the way these ovens for bathhouse reviews have excellent, agree is also important.
In addition, the manufacturer took care of its customers, creating a lineup of furnaces, where everyone will find what he needs.
Classical kovanci cost about 50000 thousand tenge, and the elite models of furnaces, equipped with panoramic glass and the price are higher – from 80,000 to 160,000 thousand tenge.
Buy furnaces for baths Ermak in Almaty you can in our firm shop “Pinocchio and”. Our qualified managers will help you to choose the model that is right for your bath or sauna.


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