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  1. High level control panels for electric heater – comfort and practicality in one package!

High level control panels for electric heater – comfort and practicality in one package!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Russian bath, Finnish sauna, Turkish Hammam, Japanese ofuro. Varieties of baths are many, but they all share one thing – heat. Heat for a bath creates a bath stove, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.
Life in the modern world is so dynamic and rapid that the greatest value is that is comfort.
For this reason avid bathhouse and Amateurs steamy increasingly prefer electric furnaces for baths.
And this is not surprising because  electric furnace for a bath– a presentable appearance, no chimney and inconvenience with a piece of wood, compactness, and most importantly automation.
Another significant plus for these ovens – is the fact that almost all electric ovens dlabay have a control panel where you can set the time and temperature of heating steam.

If you decide to buy an electric heater for sauna or bath, you should know about consoles everything: what they are and why you need it?
To begin with, almost all electric stoves for baths or saunas come with a remote control.
For all the stoves uses a built-in remote control and remote (remote) control panel.
Digital control panel-this unique design in the furnace industry, which is a control system with a set of the following components: control panel, power unit, set of sensors, connecting cables.
Place the control panel should be from the outside of the premises, protection against exposure to high temperatures and moisture, although there are models that can be installed even in the steam room.
To control temperature, lighting, humidity levels, and can choose convenient for you time on and off allows the sauna control panel. Connecting GSM module with a sauna can be managed remotely.
More detailed control over temperature and humidity sensors provide, and how many of them, and how they are arranged will depend on the reliability of the received information.
Experienced bath attendants know that the highest temperature in the sauna is kept or near a stove, or in its upper part, but the temperature at the level of the lower shelf is sharply different from the temperature at the level of the top shelf. Therefore, to obtain objective information and later driving, you have to have sensors at different levels of the bath at several points.
The level of importance in the steam can be determined using only one sensor.
Due to the information received, the control unit provides signals to enable and disable the heating elements of the furnace and the steam generator. To control ventilation and lighting can according to their own algorithm.

When choosing an electric furnace for the bath, carefully check the system on, off, and automatic operation of the heater. Interesting is the fact that the price of electric furnaces for baths often even below the console. Well, this is not surprising, because a digital controller for electric heater controls the operation of the furnace, being its main element.
Our company “Pinocchio and” offers its customers high quality electric furnace in Almaty lineup “education” and “Christine”.
Finnish electric stoves known to all as the standard of quality and creative design. Interesting is the fact that electric ovens “Christine” has entered the market relatively recently, but has already attracted buyers excellent quality is not inferior to their Finnish counterparts, and more affordable price comparatively Finnish furnaces “education”.
And that's not all. In our assortment there was a novelty, which it is impossible to ignore.
Universal remote control “Saunaboss”provides automatic maintenance of the set temperature in steam room.
Its key advantage is that it is designed for any electric furnace with a capacity of up to 40 kilowatts.
In the modern world of innovative technologies, the level of development of the electronics industry is so high that the management of a steam room is no surprise. And that's great because almost all people love a bath, but not everyone has the opportunity to spend its time high time, therefore, developers of digital consoles can only thank for such a brilliant invention.


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