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  1. A heat exchanger for bath: benefits and purposes.

A heat exchanger for bath: benefits and purposes.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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the Most important thing for Bani – it is warmth and comfort. For maximum comfort in the bath, the walls of the dressing room, a steam room and washing should be well warmed up.
This does not necessary to buy expensive furnace for a bath, or worse to install two stoves.
Quality stove needs no boiler or other heating systems to heat the water in the washing. Heat exchanger for baths – that is what will provide not only hot water, but warm bath with the washing.
Answering the question, what is the heat exchanger in simple words, we can say that it's the tube or the battery is taking heat from other sources of heat (ovens, fireplaces, boilers), where the conductivity of heat in the battery depends on the material of manufacture of the heat exchanger.
Furnaces for baths with heat exchanger – furnaces, where there is a place for cold water which is heated, is supplied to the hanging tank or radiator through the pipe.

in Addition to heating water for a shower room, another heat exchanger and heats the external tanks that are in the break room.
Heat exchanger for baths are divided into external and internal.
The external heat exchanger is a tube connected top and bottom with special fittings. Easy to maintain and repair.
The internal heat exchanger is a coil or tank, mounted in the side parts between the inner furnace and the furnace body is connected with the external tank. This exchanger just to assemble, but difficult to remove. In the vernacular it is called the “face”.
All furnaces for a bath with a heat exchanger filled with antifreeze or water. Suspended tank or battery of water heating supplies them with fluid. Technically they are connected to the two fittings top and bottom. Operate these devices due to the natural circulation of the liquid due to temperature differences, or by using a pump connected by electricity.
However, to stoves with heat exchangers work more efficiently by professional bath attendants give a few important tips:
Avoid high pressure, use an open system for heating water.
For comfortable placement of the tank in the waiting room, length of pipes laid should not be more than three meters and a thickness of at least inch. Otherwise, the liquid circulation in the system will be hampered and bath furnace will be able to cope with their responsibilities.
Installation of furnaces with heat exchanger should be as follows:
Fill the foundations up to half a meter and then start the installation.
The barrel of refractory bricks mortar of clay and sand protect the heating system.
Install the heat exchanger in the room with the furnace, and the furnace output in a special hole in the wall.
The fluid must pass through the heat-insulated pipe and to flow into the radiator.
The hole in the roof intended for a chimney.
Make sure that all the joints were sealed.

Experts in a case are advised to remember their safety and to operate the stoves with the heat exchanger correctly:
The pipe from the heat exchanger can expand and change its size in the heating process, when the connection of the system with the tank you have them still attach to the wall surface.
The capacity of the heat exchanger should not exceed more than 10% of the capacity of the furnace.
Pick up a remote water tank so that after a two-hour warm-up of the furnace bath the water in the system was already hot. If you do this early, steam filled steam, and the water will boil.
In the case where a brick stove with heat exchanger is heated to high temperatures, the water in it pour impossible.
If you want to condense the threads at the connection of the heat exchanger and pipes use gaskets capable to withstand high temperature.

Summing up, I want to remind you that the furnace for a bath with a heat exchanger have many advantages, learning about which, you will certainly acquire it for his steam.
Furnace for a bath with a heat exchanger for heating not only heats water but also heats a steam room and changing room.
Typically, the tank is installed adjacent to the steam room.
Furnace for a bath with a heat exchanger made of quality material with high durability.
Thanks to modern technology you will be able not only to control the firing process baths, but also observe the burning of a fire as the firebox of the furnace is equipped with special fire-resistant glass.
The simple design allows you to install heat exchanger to furnace with their hands.
Small furnace for a bath will save the space of your steam room.
The capacity of the heat exchanger will cope with a quick warm-up space designed by steam to the desired temperature.
Building market offers a wide range of different heating systems for the bath: classic wood stove with heat exchanger and electric heater compact and powerful cast iron stoves – the price which is quite reasonable, therefore, to buy a heat exchanger for ovens in Almaty or any other city of Kazakhstan will not be difficult.
Most importantly, the heat exchanger for baths were made from high quality heat-resistant steel.
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