Oven Harvia– the art of giving warmth to people. - buy in Almaty and Kazakhstan: price, cost in "Pinocchio"
  1. Oven Harvia– the art of giving warmth to people.

Oven Harvia– the art of giving warmth to people.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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the key to any quality products – is the ability of the manufacturer to continually evolve in the industry actively implementing the presented innovations and increasing experience.
In the sauna world the best of the best among these manufacturers is a company “education”.
Any professional attendant Il just a big fan of steam, I would say that a good bath starts with a proper furnace, and the Finnish enterprise “education”, more than fifty years of happy consumer of high-end stoves.
Founded in 1950 by a man named Tapani Harvia company was a small forge, and decades later, with hard work and determination of the inventor has become one of the world leaders in the production of sauna stoves.

So what is the main trump card of Finnish products? Why is she so famous around the world, and what qualities distinguish it on the market for bath heaters?
Let's start with the fact that the Finnish manufacturer of furnaces are used only materials of the highest quality, so the furnace virtually no wear, maintaining a presentable appearance. For example, in a wood-fired furnaces applied steel with high strength, the thickness of which is at least 10 millimeters. Some models are made of stainless steel.
The outer wall is covered with a special refractory paint, preventing negative external effects. Each model has high-temperature resistant glass and iron doors. Fuel consumption is economical thanks to sophisticated system of air circulation. As fuel is peat or wood.
Considering in more detail the structural features of these furnaces we can say the following:
Furnaces for baths and saunas harvia have high reliability and excellent performance characteristics due to the fact that they are made only from high-tech alloys, which come in chrome. This steel stoves harvia have a maximum resistance to heat.
Steel, which is made from furnace, high durability.
A presentable appearance is maintained for the entire lifetime
Fuel consumption  saves the special air circulation system.
Buying stoves harvia, you can buy the furnace with the body painted in the desired color or stainless steel. Paint uses only the highest quality, protecting the surface from negative external influences.
Furnace is absolutely fireproof, and able to maintain a comfortable climate in the sauna. Burns of skin or the upper respiratory tract is virtually eliminated.
The flue for the furnace is also made of high strength steel.
Heat resistant glass for stoves and fireplaces complete with a special cast-iron doors with Windows in control of the process of fuel combustion.
In the bath there is a maximum heat transfer due to the efficient system of air circulation furnace.
Some of the models of furnaces can accommodate up to 200 kilos of stones, providing a cushioned pairs.
All products are certified and has a guarantee of 2 – 3 times more than the same companies manufacturing furnace.
To date, the lineup includes a harvia wood burning furnaces for baths harvia electric stoves, infrared cabins, steam generators and more.
Wood burning stoves for sauna Finnish – this is a great option not only for private baths and saunas, but also for large commercial organizations. In addition to furnaces, in the range of available chimneys for baths, so the problems with system of tap of products of combustion will not occur.
Not deformed
Easy to care for (clean)
Bulk insert
Quick warm-up in minimum time.
The disadvantages include radiation. In order to avoid it follow the amount of wood and pick up the burning mode, or install a protective screen.
When installing a chimney can be difficult, as the size of its input is non-standard. To do this, purchase brand pipe, or order individually.

Electric stoves for baths and saunas-a true gift for those who are used to save your time with comfort.
Easy to install
Support optimal mode
Easily and quickly warm the air
An electric control allows you to adjust the temperature even at a distance.
A special sensor monitors the temperature.
If desired, you can install waterproof panel in the dressing room and steam room.
Regarding the shortcomings, everything here is just like any other electric furnace: hazardous electromagnetic field, and a large amount of radiated power.

The next important question being asked by many buyers: kakpravilno to choose a stove for baths?
The answer to this question is simple. Choosing furnaces for baths and saunas harviaучтите the following:
Decide where you will install: in the private sauna or commercial sauna.
A very important material used for the walls. For example, if glass or brick without insulation, you need an oven capacity of 1.2 kW per 1 m² area.
If your walls are not insulated, use a factor of 1.5.
Determine the location from the point of view of security.
Give due attention to the ventilation system and calculate the dimensions of the steam room.

In conclusion, I want to add that today the company «education»   is the world standard of reliability and quality. Exporting their products in more than 65 countries, the Finnish furnace is firmly established in our market, so buy furnaces for baths and saunas harvia in Almaty or any other city of Kazakhstan it is possible online through the Internet-shops, or directly through companies engaged in the sale of heating equipment.
Prices on stoves harvia different, as the company's product range is very large, and the cost of each specific model depends on its capacity and design features.
Any owner of a Finnish sauna, a Russian steam room or infrared cabin you will find in the lineup of the Finnish brand is the oven, which will meet all his preferences.



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