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  1. Furnace – burning heart bath.

Furnace – burning heart bath.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Bath has long been a gathering place for family and friends, where you can improve your health and mood. The main element that creates this invigorating effect and sense of the fairy tale, is a bath stove, which depends on how well will be protoplennoy bathhouse.
There is a huge variety of furnaces for baths and all of them can be classified by several attributes:
Production material:
- Full metal.
Brick kilns are:
- Ramjet (flue gases passing through the stones, go right into the pipe)
 - dymooborotah.
Working method:
 - Periodic action
- Continuous action.
According to the method of placing stones:
The stones are placed in the tank, which is washed by the gases and heats the stones. They can drown continuously.
The stones are placed on the grate or the arch and the flue gases pass directly through them, such a furnace can not drown in the conduct bath treatments.
In addition, brick kilns have several advantages and disadvantages.
Regardless of the quality, sooner or later, in masonry will crack. This happens because the bricks and mortar, which binds them, under prolonged exposure to temperatures deformed. Besides, if on the hot brick enters the water, an unpleasant odor. Another major cons is that firing up the brick oven takes a long time – at least 5-6 hours.
The benefits of brick ovens is their large heat capacity, where heat the stones in a closed furnace can increase their temperature up to 600 C. At a continuous furnace of the steam room does not overheat, and she even cooled the stove radiates a pleasant heat.

Despite all the advantages and disadvantages of brick kilns, consumers still give preference to a metal bath furnace.
Metal stoves are durable, easy to install, and reasonable in price. Unlike its brick counterpart, the heating steam with the metal of the furnace is only a couple of hours, besides it is compact and takes up little space. However, metal kilns has its drawbacks. This is a relatively small heat capacity, which determines the rapid cooling of the furnace, unpleasant hard radiation from the walls of the product and high risk of overheating the steam.


terms used fuel stoves are divided into four categories: wood, gas wood-burning, gas and electric.
Firewood – it's time consuming, not economically, not as effective, but it's a tradition. It's kind of a cult, taken over from our ancestors when the bathhouse sank more than one hour, and then enjoyed the bath procedures. Live fire of natural wood in the bath is not replaced by any modern tricks.
Furnace gas is more economical, and electrically more convenient to use, as they allow you to program the temperature, time and other parameters.
The uniqueness of gas-wood ovens, it is possible to use two types of fuel: natural gas low pressure and firewood. It is very convenient, as it gives the user an additional degree of freedom of operation of the equipment.
Stoves for baths are different and in what form of furnace you opt, it is of course up to you. Importantly, the bathing process, give you real pleasure, so you can leave the steam room relaxed and refreshed.
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