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  1. Greivari - practicality, beauty and reliability.

Greivari - practicality, beauty and reliability.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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in addition, you can seek the advice of a specialist at +7 (727) 382-18-03, who will answer any questions about the ovens, the size, the suitable areas, lining, stone, chimney, doors, and any other details. Our wood-burning oven for a bath is designed for a wide range of customers and enjoy their well-deserved love, as evidenced by numerous reviews.


They don't take up much space in a space and will not require lengthy, time-consuming installation. Choosing a furnace for baths “Greivari” working with wood, it is necessary to consider a variant of their execution.
Our product range includes:
•    model of Swedish Cuirassiers and Kirasir Finka, which fueled steam;
•    modification of traditional kilns Cuirassiers with tunnel furnace, to lay firewood from the adjacent pair of the room, simultaneously warm and the steam room, and dressing room;
•    Kirsi Lithos and Cuirassiers Corbis have unusual shape of the heater grid with the possibility of circular bookmark stone(220 kg), allowing you to avoid the hard radiation and intense heating of the metal and to create a more soft qualities pairs;
•    Rolling Stones – a variant that combines the capability of fast heating and long heat. She accommodates up to 90 kg of rocks;
•    All ovens in all the modifications have a glass door that allows you to watch magic fire play.
All models are easy to use and economical in consumption. Thus, at a reasonable price, you can buy a modern and high quality wood burning stove. This pizza oven for a bath will serve you faithfully and enjoy the bath procedures.
With a wide range of wood burning stoves for baths from  company “Greivari”, and their technical characteristics, in more detail,  is available on our online store.



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