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Sauna made of canadian cedar – eyes please, Yes the body will heal!

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Almost every man seeks to build his house with a veranda, it is still the bathhouse, and all this preferably on a nice plot of land. This human desire is not surprising, because we were so tired from the stuffy offices and apartments located in a civilized metropolis where noise and disturbance.
Every day immersed in their tablets and phones using fancy appliances, we even flat your finished artificial materials. However, despite the progressive development of our world, people, because of the fact subconsciously seek to reunite with nature, which explains the fashion for the construction of houses and baths from natural materials.
The abundance of natural materials in the construction market allows the person to choose what he wants. Pine, larch, oak, alder is extremely popular among buyers, but of particular interest is cedar in Almaty, which is famous for its excellent healing and performance.
Lining of canadian cedar for baths and saunas is renowned for its attractive aroma and high quality, but what else do we know about this timber? What is the wood cedar? What is the history of its origin? What the elite of this type of wood and why it is so loved by the bath attendants?
Household name of of canadian cedar-thuja giant. A unique breed of tree that grows in Western Canada and reaching 75 metres in height with a diameter of about 6 meters.
Canadian cedar - a coniferous tree survivor of gigantic proportions, which reaches more than 1200 years. This is one of the most beautiful of trees, medicinal properties which are retained for 8 years, which explains its high price.
There is another misconception that the Siberian Altai cedar and arborvitae belong to the same group of trees. However, Altai cedar wood in the home called the Siberian pine, because of its properties it is very close to the pine. There is even a legend, and maybe the fact that Peter the Great, being on a business trip in Holland, built ships out of cedar, but on arrival home was ordered to find the area with the same trees, but found only Siberian pine, which more or less was similar to the cedar. Since then, he has issued a decree to name it cedar.
Today our topic is completely true cedar from Canada, although cedar Altai – the material is unique and they should not be neglected. Initially red cedar was one of the favorite materials of the masters of the red tree. They made his furniture and tools for music, boxes for cigars, equipped wine cellar and constructed the interior. Also red cedar was used extensively for the construction of luxury cottages, arrangement of the roof and construction of furniture for the garden as well as verandas and terraces. But special attention deserves the lining of canadian cedar for baths and saunas because it is eco-friendly material for paired, is able to maintain the perfect indoor climate.
It is not for nothing so extensive, but he has remarkable properties. The first thing I would like to draw your attention – the aesthetic appeal of wood. His color palette ranges from pink to deep bronze color, and the texture is so tender and thin that it's like the whole is covered with patterns. When laying the cedar color is not selected, because you'll get rich color palette with playful shades.
A sauna made from canadian cedar – a real find, because cedar wood is not afraid of cracks or deformation, it does not crack or warp, easy to install. Easily tolerates wet exposure and is not afraid of insects-pests, cope with different temperatures and contains essential oils that create a blissful aroma in the steam room. Heated harmful substances are not allocated. Resin in the wood contained in a small amount, however, when heated, emit useful disinfecting substances volatile, positively affecting the circulatory, respiratory, immune and digestive system.
Also the cedar siding for baths and saunas sound - and heat-resistant. The main advantage of this material is fire resistance, as it burns very slowly.
In premium rooms and saunas lining of canadian cedar lumber remains the best.
In addition to the above advantages, which includes gloss, nutrients, disinfecting the premises and fire safety timber has another essential property for baths and saunas.
This is the effect of heat reflection, when the thermal energy is absorbed and heats up and warms the air and evenly diffuses heat inside the steam room. 
By the way confining a bath or sauna inside, the cedar wood is treated thermally in order to disable all unnecessary resin. 
In the end, all of the stench disappear, and the cedar siding exudes a pleasant aroma in the steam room for many years.  a Popular way to produce shelves made of canadian cedar in the bath, and even a big demand for the unit – house of cedar and timber imitation.
The conclusion suggests that the lining of canadian cedar price, which corresponds to its properties by right is called as the top lumber for baths and saunas.
To buy the lining of canadian cedar in Almaty you can in companies involved in the implementation of wood-based materials. Working with our company “Pinocchio and" you will be able to see the entire range of wood products from cedar at reasonable prices. 
And remember to replace the true cedar can not nothing, and if you know how to appreciate luxury and comfort is what You need!!!

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