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  1. Decking in Almaty and its types.

Decking in Almaty and its types.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Why decking in Almaty is gaining popularity that can surprise this unique material and how to be helpful to those who are setting up house, sauna, cottage or country cottage ─ about all this will tell the experts of the company working in our region with the implementation of lumber.
Features of decking
What is this material and what problems it helps to cope?

─ This is a very practical material, which is suitable to solve a variety of problems in the arrangement of gardens, rest areas and similar facilities. Decking Almaty paving garden paths, equipped veranda, spread a flat roof and the floors in the pavilions and around the perimeter of the pools. Equip the territory adjacent to modern mini-saunas. It is well-treated boards, which are safe to walk on barefoot, not afraid to hurt a pain. The convenience lies in the fact that moisture from the decking does not become slippery. This is a beautiful natural material that blends harmoniously with the landscape of country cottages and cottages. Such a material is combined with houses as a building material which was used, calibrated timber.

recently in Almaty decking has become a very popular material. What it is ─ a good is a new type of material or this material is really something unique?

─ It really is a very comfortable material. Decking is easy to operate, it is the possibility of using in the city and beyond, in the open air, in street the buildings. Accordingly, the scope of application, decking can withstand the sun, wind, outdoor humidity, temperature fluctuations, change of seasons and so on. Also, the simplicity lies in the care and replacement of damaged individual components, without the need of changing the coating. And ease of installation. No need to hire a separate specialist. You save on it. You just want to lay the joists and secure the boards with special clips.

How long can last this material?

─ Quality type of decking will last almost half a century.
Types of decking in Almaty.
What species of decking in Almaty for today?
─ Available in almost all types of material. And are separated by decking the type of wood. There is a composite Board, is an ordinary tree, but there is ThermoWood. Decking made from valuable breeds of trees. In addition, you can select and color. But it is the type of wood depends on the price decking in Almaty for certain types of construction. Like all materials, these products are sometimes available discounts when you are specialized shares.
Regular ThermoWood and valuable rocks all around clear. And the difference between a composite type of decking?
─ The composite Board as a Board of fine wood, don't need to be cleaned often and annually covered with oil.

it Should also be noted that boards are divided into types and thickness profile. This parameter also affects the price of decking. There are products with thin, thick profile and the profile of medium thickness. This determines the strength and thus the service life of the coating. Thick Board ─ 42-48, slim ─ 19-22, medium ─ 25-30 mm.
Buy decking in Almaty.
Where and how you can order decking in Almaty fast and cheap?
─ To order decking in Almaty on our website. For this, click SEND REQUEST, or contact our consultants in the CONTACT section. We will help you choose one or the other kind of material taking into account the specifics of your object, perform the professional calculating materials and arrange delivery in a short time. Decking in Almaty from "Pinocchio" ─ it is your confidence in the strength and stability of your object to the negative influences of the environment!

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