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  1. Beam calibrated in Almaty and features of its choice.

Beam calibrated in Almaty and features of its choice.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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If you are looking for beam calibrated in Almaty to purchase, so you already know that it is a perfect natural material for building baths and a cottage or Villa. Then we'll tell you about the features of choosing this type of lumber.

Features a selection of gauged timber:

holiday homes and cottages from the calibrated timber in Almaty began actively to be built approximately 10 years ago. Then, by the way, received a distribution of an extension of the terraces came into use modern decking and deck Board. But then customers were accessible only a few varieties of materials of this type. Available today in Almaty grooved rail and special construction boards of any kind. With the availability and increases the complexity of choosing a quality product. Consider a few subsidiary factors.


selecting a calibrated timber in Almaty on the type of wood:


Linden ─ particularly popular is in the field of construction baths and saunas, thanks to the excellent thermal insulation properties (retains heat well and shows a good coefficient of heat insulation);

aspen ─ another excellent material for construction of baths and saunas, which is particularly valued for its mechanical strength and resistance to occurrence of putrefaction, it is recommended for the construction of a pair;

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pine ─ this type of wood has the best performance performance, in particular, we are talking about the so-called "Siberian" type pine;

larch ─ this material has a high strength, according to its operational capabilities and properties suitable for the lower ranks of the structure, respectively, provides for the combination of these species of pine boards, which are laid out top ranks;

oak ─ predominant qualities of this wood is resistant to rot and mold to grow;

spruce and fir ─ two of these materials have one thing in common not the good quality ─ subject to active combustion, in case of emergency (emit tar, much sparkle, scatter the coals a distance) require additional processing, and the observance of special measures for fire safety.


the Qualitative nuances of the calibrated timber:

Sturdy grooved boards should have clear geometric forms, verified by all the rules and standards, only in this case can be realized by a perfect matching. Some parameters:


Section ─ 140-250 mm;

Length ─ 2-6 meters;

operating humidity ─ 15-20%;

Calibrated timber 190 mm = beam diameter 320 mm or 800 mm brickwork;

100 square meters object = beam width up to 150 mm.


Professionals know that buying a calibrated bars in Almaty for construction, it is necessary to carefully check the material for defects or defects ─ scrapes, bumps, pockets of mildew, fungi, rotting. Quality timber to provide you with the opportunity to apply it in construction without the need for additional decorative treatment both outside and inside. Thus a house, a cottage or a bath will have a beautiful natural appearance.

At the same time, even solid timber grooved type requires additional processing against insects, as well as in insulation, in cases where it is assumed the unit is in cold time of the year.

the Flatness

Pay attention to the veins of the wood, the smoother their location in the structure of the timber, the less the material is susceptible to warping. Thus, the evenness of the beam for all the parameters about the quality of the material and its resistance to deformation processes.

the Crack

Not allowed and a large number of cracks on the seams of the tree, otherwise the timber is threatened by decay. The wormhole, penetrating deep into the material, indicate the presence of insects.

the Color

Some types of calibrated timber in Almaty have a light bluish tint. Experts warn that such a sign should alert the buyer. Turning blue wood ─ rotting wood.



prices of a calibrated timber in Almaty

prices of a calibrated timber in Almaty are slightly different. It is worth remembering that low price may indicate insufficient processing of the material, but high cost does not guarantee the integrity of the manufacturer. Therefore, customers should seek the help of professionals who will help you choose a good timber ─ SEND REQUEST or themselves to be diligent, viewing the finished product. Always more expensive lumber, held the process of forced drying.

Read more about prices in Almaty on a calibrated beam, see the catalogue of our site on the page Timber grooved, planed.


Where to buy in Almaty calibrated timber?

the Company “Pinocchio" will provide you or your company in Almaty, a calibrated beam of high quality, with a perfectly smooth surface and accurate dimensions that will facilitate the whole process of construction of your object. We offer a material with superior technical characteristics that will give you the opportunity to realize the most complex projects in a short time!

To order a Board calibrated in Almaty right now ─ just contact us through our website CONTACTS.

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