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  1. Lumber basswood siding, shelves, lining, furniture, lampshades.

Lumber basswood siding, shelves, lining, furniture, lampshades.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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1. The properties of the LINING AND REGIMENTS of LIME
1. It has healing powers:
substances released from wood when heated, have:
•    anti-Inflammatory effects, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis,
•    While in “fake” the premise you get rid of cellulite and heal the liver.
•    inhalation properties;
•    fake treatments are recommended for colds, rheumatism and many others;
2. Lime lining has the property to charge the new forces (Energodar);
3. Does not overheat, which prevents termonolgy;
4. Is not harmful to the body Smolny compounds;
•    Despite the high content of essential oils, lime does not cause allergies, even the most sensitive people
5. When heated emit a honey aroma (refers to aromatic  wood)
6. Has a very high thermal insulation and sound insulation properties;
7. Has a low hygroscopicity, i.e. the ability of a material to absorb liquid;
•    it is therefore used in finishing baths, saunas, manufacturer of regiments and Coopers ' products
8. Not affected by precipitation
9. Has ducts for air circulation, which avoids condensation on the material
10. Refers to the elite varieties of wood.
11. In the bath of lime will constantly heat the thermal conductivity of lime lower than that of pine and larch, and then a bath of lime will be slower to cool and warm up faster.
Lipa - one of the most famous medicinal plants. And have useful properties, not only for its fragrant flowers and the honey derived from them. The same quality and characteristic of wood of a Linden. Linden tree is truly unique. First of all, all parts of inflorescence, buds, bark and the wood itself have pronounced healing properties.
In particular, the Linden tree is able to produce specific substances that are indoors have a healing effect on humans. And in the hot and humid air of the steam room, these properties become even stronger, and promote not only relaxation but also to rid the body of toxins.
When heated, lime-Board provides a pleasant smell and a lot of essential oils that have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties that help to prevent colds or to relieve her symptoms. High humidity helps to preserve and enhance the beneficial properties of Linden wood, which makes it the ideal material for baths and saunas.
The use of lime in the decoration of saunas and baths is also due to a number of useful properties inherent in this type of wood: it has a relaxing and restorative effect, a room positive energy. In addition, Lipa has a diaphoretic effect, which is important when using the steam room.
Despite the high content of essential oils, lime does not cause allergies, even the most sensitive of people. This quality distinguishes it from many other kinds of fragrant wood.
Lime is a genus of trees of the Linden family. Includes about 50 species. Linden forest forming species of deciduous forests. Linden or Tilia (Latin) is a tree that is usually found in countries with temperate climate. Linden grows in Russia, Europe, North America. Tilia species are large deciduous trees, reaching typically 20 to 30 meters in height and about 2 meters in diameter. Linden is known that there are up to 800 and even 1,000 years, but the average age is 150 years.
Quality paneling and shelves of lime rarely make lip the old-timers. Most often used 70-80 year old wood.
During the construction of the sauna opened, and other properties of lime wood. It is easy in processing and polishing, has a low weight and almost impervious to water. Baths and saunas, the decorations of which used a light Golden Linden wood, durable and beautiful.
Another remarkable property of Linden wood - resistance to external influences, be it the vagaries of the weather or temperature changes. But if the surface of molded products made of lime treated with antiseptic, then their service life will increase by several times. However, such processing is preferably carried out only in the case that the product of lime will be used outdoors - for example, this can be the stair railing. Lipa does not darken over time, while maintaining its original appearance.
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