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Choose a door for baths in Almaty

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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When the need arises to buy a door for baths in Almaty or in any other corner of Kazakhstan, there is a need of certainty and select from the variety of options offered. In addition, the bath door, it is yet another element arrangement of the steam, which must not only fulfill practical functions, but harmoniously complete the overall aesthetic appearance of the future place of rest and relaxation. Therefore, it is believed that the choice of a door for the bath should be approached responsibly.

Professional assistance in the organization of all processes (selection, measurements, calculation of materials, ordering, delivery, installation) may be provided by the specialists of the company "Pinocchio". If you plan to handle yourself, see our ARTICLES and read this article about the different types of bath doors in Almaty.
What are the different types of doors for baths in Almaty.
Modern equipment for baths in Almaty all varieties allows you to choose products that meet all your needs in size, material, color and form. All of this can be attributed to the variety of door models. Kinds of doors for baths in Almaty may vary by material type ─ wood, glass, composite (wood doors with panels of tempered glass), as well as the additional decorative features that can be applied to them ─ with metal carved panels and carved metal hinges, with carved figures on wood, with sandblasted patterns on the glass.

the Internet is full of reviews and analyses of what type of doors for baths better, stronger, more resistant, and the like. However, the professionals claim that both the basic material ─ glass and wood, have all the necessary properties and characteristics for security, stability to the bath temperature extremes and mechanical damage. So the main selection criteria remain the financial ability and taste of the customer.
Types of wooden doors for saunas in Almaty.
Wooden door ─ ideal for the bath, decorated in a classic style for a traditional Russian bath, where it is important to create a sense of unity with nature, through the use of natural materials. Of such natural materials for doors for baths in Almaty, available the following species of wood:
•    pine ─ one of the most affordable materials, has a dark tint;
•    aspen ─ unexpressed different smooth patterns and bright shades.
•    Linden-the most popular material for the manufacture of doors for baths in Almaty and not only differs in that it does not emit toxic resin for a long time is not deformed and retains the heat in the sauna room is also quite affordable.
•    oak ─ expensive material for the manufacture of doors for a bath, but the advantage of this wood can be called resistance to deformation at high temperatures and their extremes, and resistance to decay;
•    ash ─ also is not cheap, but the bath door will be the pride of the owner of the steam room;
•    cedar ─ like the last two the material has high value, which justified its improved characteristics of durability and resistance to the negative effects of temperature and steam, has a nice refreshing smell, but despite all these benefits such doors for baths in Almaty failed to win popularity, however, they are available for orders.
Low price wooden door for sauna in Almaty starts from 22 thousand tenge, the highest can exceed 150 thousand.
Types of glass doors for saunas in Almaty.
Glass door for baths in Almaty is to choose the owners of modern saunas, steam rooms, decorated in the style of “modern”, as well as those who have acquired the status of a novelty bath industry-compact mini sauna to install in the apartment. Similar products the price is not too different from the wooden counterparts of standard type. Besides, it all depends on which model of wooden doors you stare. To debunk all the myths about the impracticality of such products and to dispel your own doubts ─ read our note bath door glass in Almaty and their characteristics.

on average, the lowest price in Almaty starts from 22 thousand tenge, the most expensive can be called a door at a cost of 55 thousand.

to be able to buy on the door at the lowest price possible, always follow the latest offers on seasonal discounts are regularly offered on our website in the events section!
What else is important to know about doors for a bath?
To some important nuances to be aware that should those who is engaged in the purchase of doors for baths in Almaty include the following:
•    remember that the fittings (handles, hinges, etc.) must be made of materials which did not get hot, which will help to avoid burns;
•    locks the bathroom door is not placed to protect bathers from a sudden collapse, modern doors fixed roller latch, the closure density is provided by silicone seals;
•    installation of doors for a bath is carried out considering the fact that they should be opened outwards only.
•    loops are also mounted on the outside.
Where to buy a door for baths in Almaty?
Their products the company offers “Pinocchio"! To order a door for baths in Almaty from our professionals through the section "CONTACTS".

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