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  1. Tub for salting cedar – your indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

Tub for salting cedar – your indispensable assistant in the kitchen.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Cooperage has not lost its relevance to the present day, because they are in great demand in the home. Some are actively used cooperage for a bath, others prefer to buy them for the kitchen. For example, cedar tubs for pickles – is an environmentally friendly product that will become your excellent assistant in the kitchen.
Fortunately, buy cedar tub of pickles in Almaty will not be difficult, because the range of cooperage products on the market is very large.
Every good housewife loves to pamper your family with delicious and healthy cuisine, and if you ask, glass or wooden utensils she will choose, she is sure to stay on the second option.
It will happen because it cares not only enjoy the food but also the health of your family. When a wooden cask for pickles, or so-called a tub for pickling in contact with the products, there are certain physico-chemical processes, which result in substances from the walls of the container flow into the products. Therefore, the reaction of synthesis of new substances is initiated, the properties of harvested product. Active acid in the pieces, pulled up from the walls of the cookware all the harmful and useful that was in these walls. Wood respectively, also reacts with acids workpieces, with the only difference that it is a natural material that does not contain toxic substances.
If you look back in history, it's safe to say that the cooperage was in demand for a very long time.
Master cooperage produced not only wooden barrels. Among their works was a tub for pickling, first produced in the tenth century.
Therefore, the tradition of using wooden utensils for pickling mushrooms, cabbage or cucumbers appeared in Ancient Russia and survived until our days.

After talking a bit about the General fact of wooden utensils, we never answered the question, what exactly is a tub of pickles?
The barrel – receptacle cone-shaped, made of wooden staves (planks), and covered with a metal or wooden hoops.
It can be salted and sour vegetables and fruits: beets, apples, watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, cranberries and even meat, fish and mushrooms. You can also use it to store bread, cereals and flour.
By the way the word “barrel” comes from the ancient Greek words of KADO, and is file bucket,  circle.
A tub of pickles and a barrel of pickles differ in that the barrel can only be in a vertical position, the barrel can close the lid and move lying down.
The best wood for making barrels is a Siberian cedar. Cedar wood is not only durable and beautiful but also has unique healing properties. In addition, it has a homogeneous structure, easy to process, and when dry will not crack.
Therefore, in the technology of manufacturing is better than cookware made of cedar.
The presence of cedar wood of volatile disinfect the environment and guarantee a long storage of the products. On top of the cedar not only capable of destroying all pathogenic microbes, but also to give the products healing properties.
Tubs made from cedar wood is unique in that unlike other species of wood can be used for any workpieces or products in storage. For example, the oak barrel isn't ideal for pickling cabbage, as it is darker from tanning substances, and oil and honey can be stored only in containers of lime. Tubs made from cedar wood no such problems are.

However, all is not so simple, and a tub for salting cedar needs to be properly processed before use. Do not be afraid, there is nothing complicated.
It is necessary to enhance the flavor of the wood and eliminating germs. For this you need to exude a barrel, and will look this procedure is as follows:
Place on the bottom of the heated stones.
Pour boiling water onto the stones to generate steam.
To pair survived a tub for salting cedar should be immediately covered with a lid.
Once the evaporation stops, remove the cap and rinse the tub with hot water.
Treat the tub for any bath broom (oak, birch).
After all these actions, the capacity should be dry.
 this required not only the first time you use vats, but with each subsequent use.
If you want to buy a cedar tub of pickles in Almaty – give us a call! Our experienced managers “Pinocchio and K” will offer you not only a good tubs made from cedar wood, but also tell you about other wonderful cooperage products.


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