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  1. Toiletries and cooperage: General information.

Toiletries and cooperage: General information.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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Accessories for baths and saunas, bath accessories and Coopers ' products
In bath and sauna facilities go not only to wash but to relax, get a sense of cleanliness both physically and spiritually.

 So that the floating effect was good, everything for sauna and bath must be adjusted correctly. Cooperage (tub, tubs, zaparniki, oblivnye device, thermometers, stones for saunas and baths, the clock), it's all bath accessories, accessories for a bath - all baths and saunas have to choose well it should do  an atmosphere of comfort and calm. All for saunas and baths should be  assistant, practical and, of course, all the accessories for sauna must have a good appearance.
Accessories for saunas  baths - it is something without which can not do any one bath and a sauna.
 All cooperage  made of wood, without the addition of dowels and glue to assemble them using special hoops.  Accessories for saunas, not covered  paints , varnishes - wood remains natural  and  environmentally friendly.

Accessories for baths
 to achieve the highest level of relaxation, you need to use  seats, comfortable headrests, lampshades for the sauna light was dim, scented oils for baths and saunas - these things are simply necessary in the steam room, because you came here to relax, you don't have something to strain. Everything for baths and saunas shall promote the comfort, and you've come here primarily to relax.
Bath accessories
 bath accessories, such as Slippers, brooms, hats - those things that in the bath and sauna.  not do, which largely depends on the good mood and positive energy  for  following  day!


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