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  1. Broom bamboo - exotic or useful bath accessory?

Broom bamboo - exotic or useful bath accessory?

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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the Broom for sauna – the main decoration for the bath.
Without it you will not reach that emotionally-therapeutic effect, which it is so famous for any room. Many people visit bath for the purpose of improvement. Best recovery helps using a bamboo broom.
Broom of bamboo for bath – the usual bunch of thin sticks, which is a beam made from natural bamboo stalks. This plant prefers tropical and subtropical climate, so in our country bamboo brooms for baths are less common, however, are in great demand.

What explains their demand? Why these accessories are so popular?
Chinese healers claim that bamboo is endowed with a positive energy that pulls pain from the body.
Bamboo has a number of useful properties:
- Bamboo is considered an excellent preventive remedy for rheumatism and lower back pain.
- Bamboo is extremely useful in diseases of the spine, joints and musculoskeletal system. Bamboo broom efficiently eliminates pain, promoting faster recovery.
- Weekly use in the bath for this attribute in combination with high temperatures and hot steam helps to improve the cardiovascular system improve circulation.
Massage bamboo broom helps to deep cleanse the skin, ridding it of the minor defects and inflammatory processes.(pimples, and even acne). In addition, the skin after a massage becomes more elastic and soft. Helps with stretch marks as extra help.
- Bamboo also has hypoallergenic properties and will not cause any harm to your body.
- Women are recommended to do anti-cellulite massage with bamboo broom. (note: this massage helps to further the elasticity of the skin and eliminate body fat.)
- A bamboo broom – it is a good peeling.
How to use massage bamboo broom?
- A bamboo broom is most often used to massage the back surface, which lasts about three minutes. Pre-broom to steam is not necessary, the stalks are fully ready to work.
- Before you begin the massage, you can visit three – seven minutes, then take a cold shower.
- When the body will be steamed, begin to massage. For starters, a person need to relax light oscillations, then gradually increase the strength and amplitude of clapping. Movements should be rhythmic, fast.
- Start with the heel, and then go over lightly broom over the body (from bottom to top and back). Change your pace from fast to slow. To relax calf muscles, push down on the calf.
- Bamboo brooms elastic, so causing them pain is almost impossible. However, to hit with full force is not necessary, your movements must be accurate and consistent.
- If you want to thoroughly clean the skin simultaneously with the massage you can perform and other beauty treatments. Vegetable masks, salt scrubs and more.
 bamboo Brooms do not need to soak and steam, they are already ready to use. After a bath, bamboo brooms should be dry and clean in a dry place.
Exotic bamboo whisk is a perfect gift for any fan of the steam room, as well as relatives, about whose health we want to take care of.


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