Effective method of application of salt from the Himalayas, if your steam is already built. - buy in Almaty and Kazakhstan: price, cost in "Pinocchio"
  1. Effective method of application of salt from the Himalayas, if your steam is already built.

Effective method of application of salt from the Himalayas, if your steam is already built.

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

29 500 Tenge
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If you decide to buy Himalayan salt in Almaty, then you have already read our first article about her, or you who is – then briefly spoke about it.
The theme of Himalayan salt was so fascinating that we decided not to stay on one article and add some more interesting information about her.
For those who hear about it for the first time, recall that Himalayan pink salt-is a unique product that consists of pure crystal salt mined in the Himalayas.
The most attractive properties of pink salt – is its multicomponent composition, and it is already about 84 valuable minerals, including potassium, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron and others.
Moreover, it is a hundred percent absorbed by the body, getting in the cage in its original form, without undergoing transformation in the process of metabolism.
The extraordinary beauty of the pink color it has acquired due to the presence in its composition of iron.

Pink Himalayan salt is actively used in three areas of our life: it is the food, construction and cosmetology.
Doctors are advised to use this salt in cooking, because thanks to its composition it is much healthier than regular table salt.
The use of Himalayan salt in the kitchen has no limitations, you can add it to any dish to your taste, including salads and uncooked dishes. Your dish will become spicy taste, and  your body will be enriched with a set of nutrients and minerals.
Also Himalayan salt in cooking can be applied in the form of a frying pan.
So-called frying pan is a flat bar of Himalayan salt, where can you fry fish, meat, eggs and seafood with oil and without. Salting food before it is not necessary, so they prokalyvayutsya in the cooking process. Due to its antiseptic properties pink salt delivers food from bacterial flora.
Another significant achievement of this unusual product is that pink Himalayan salt in Almaty is used in expensive restaurants as an element of décor. In the salt cubes meals and snacks, and glasses of pink salt used for alcoholic beverages.

Himalayan salt in cosmetology is sufficient demand.
Today in beauty salons are popular cosmetic treatments like bath with Himalayan salt,  steaming feet in salt solution and various cosmetic mask from salt for the skin.
Pink Himalayan salt is beneficial for oily skin, helps against acne, rejuvenates, restores moisture balance of the skin, perfectly cleans and disinfects. Actively fights cellulite.
Finally, Himalayan salt for bath and sauna. Fans of bath procedures know how to use Himalayan salt, considering it to be a real boon for the pair, because she not only has fantastic healing properties, but also will give a special luster to the interior of your bath.
There are several methods of using such salts of the pair.
Himalayan salt for bath and sauna in the form of pebbles is the most popular on the construction market, as it is very convenient for putting some wainscoting in baths, saunas, dressing room and other facilities. Pebble sizes range from 3 to 5 inches.
Salt, bricks, Himalayan salt tiles of the Himalayan salt for the bath is applied for finishing of walls, ceiling and floor in paired. Attractive pattern and natural topography of the material accentuate the beauty of your steam room.
For the most demanding attendant seeking to give your steam room maximum aesthetic appeal are offered such options as the salt of the panels of Himalayan salt and a salt wall of Himalayan salt.
If you want your wall made from Himalayan salt looked more impressive, you can use led strips for backlighting. Backlit Himalayan salt will transform the interior of your steam room, making it visually larger and lighter.
From the foregoing, it can be concluded that Himalayan pink salt – this is a real mountain miracle used in different places in – is different, and finishing baths and saunas is not an exception.

Most people, of course, interested in Himalayan salt, both from the point of view of healing, and from the point of view of aesthetics. But what to do if they already have a ready bath and use the salt in it is simply impossible!
You shouldn't be upset – a way out of this situation is. You can buy Himalayan salt in Almaty, and to fully enjoy its miraculous properties.
Himalayan pink salt in bags – here is what you need! Bag packing 25 or 50 kg salt in the form of pebbles inside, is placed under the shelf in the bath or sauna, and in the process of heating the bag in a steam room is exactly the same effect as when you finish bath salt.
Himalayan pink salt in bags similarly creates a natural air ionization, highlighting different useful substances in the air.
Ionizing properties of Himalayan salt will give your steam bath effect the fresh forest air, cleaning it from dust, dirt and various bacteria.
Himalayan salt packaged in this way has three key advantages: it is convenience, availability, and use. That is, you gain a ready-made product in a convenient package at an affordable price, and even health benefits.
In short, you have nothing to lose and your body will thank you for caring. Just when you've already built the baths, the panel will not pitch on the wall, but is it on the subject to bother.
In conclusion we will add that Himalayan salt for bath and sauna strengthens the immune system, beneficial effects on the-motor and cardio-vascular system stabilizes psycho-emotional condition, and also helps to cleanse the body of heavy metals.


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