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Bath or sauna - what is your answer?

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A door for baths and saunas glass-190*70 cm

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Most people prefer to brighten up your leisure time in the bath or sauna. This is not surprising, because it is not only taking care of your body, but not bad fun way to spend time with friends.
Russian bath has its origins more in paganism, where the bath was seen not only as a storehouse of health, but also as a sacred place, where the people performed various rituals, met, married, was baptized, and even accompanied the deceased on his last journey.
Initially the bath was heated by – black, that is without the tube. Subsequently, there were baths – and white, where the tube has been withdrawn, making the stay in the steam room more comfortable.
No less rich in history and has a sauna. The first saunas appeared in Finland in the 12th century, and was a room with a stove and shelves, where the smoke escaped through a hole in the roof or the open door. Saunas as well as baths, originally built without a pipe, but over time they have improved.
Fortunately, the progress does not stand still, and shift earlier the sauna, the sauna comes with an electric heater or a mini-sauna in the apartment.
All kinds of baths and saunas have their own history and certain traditions but they are United by a common goal – to improve and bring your body in tone.
Everything seems to be clear, but the thought occurs, if bath and sauna is so beneficial to the body, what is their advantage in front of each other and what is better bath or sauna?

WHAT distinguishes a SAUNA FROM a STEAM room?
The main difference between Russian bath and the Finnish sauna is different conditions impact on the human body.
Russian bath and Finnish sauna have a few differences:
The first and perhaps the main difference between Russian bath and Finnish sauna – temperature and humidity. That is, a Finnish sauna is dry air, and a steam room a steam.
The humidity in the bath reaches 100 %, and the maximum temperature in the Russian bath ranges from 40 to 70 C.
The temperature in the Finnish sauna reaches 90 – 110 With humidity from 10% to 25%.
In the bath you will warm up quickly and will feel comfortable because the thermal conductivity of moist air is higher than the thermal conductivity of dry air.
Special attention should be given to the stones for a sauna. The stones in the sauna are watered with special care, small portions of water or herbal infusion, then the humidity will increase only for a while. And if you splash water on the sauna rocks mindlessly, you can get burned by superheated steam.
The temperature in the Finnish sauna as mentioned earlier, up to 90 – 110, however, this heat is transferred easily enough due to the low humidity, and even beneficial to the body.
By the maximum heating of the human body using dry air, the skin evaporates moisture, resulting in displays all toxins from the body, stimulating the sweat glands.
The stones in the bath are in the closed state, that is, inside the oven with the door closed. This is done in order to stones in the bath retains heat at a constant level as long as possible. In the sauna the stones are open, so as to give its heat to the air.
Next difference – this is the ventilation in the bath. Bath – positive pressure room, so ventilation is needed here for contrast between the steam and the external environment. It happens so that the steam evaporates in a closed furnace, forms a kind of explosion, and then under pressure rushes into the steam room, passing through the somewhat narrowed opening closed doors.
But proper ventilation in the sauna – ventilation, creating the equality of pressures inside and outside the steam room.

Anyway, and bath itself is a place of worship, where the attendant before steaming a variety of treatments, some even a prayer read to cleanse not only the body but the soul. Broom is an integral part of the Russian Banya-its decoration, without which you will not get the healing effect in the steam room.
Bath – a movement, where people stepped on steam, steamed, runs, and after the procedure, and even dives into the snow. (in the winter).
Sauna also created more for instant relaxation, where people lying on a shelf, heated and sweating. Yes, and a broom in a sauna is not required, because at high temperature it will just crumble. The only place where you can use the broom in the sauna – dressing room. In General, a certain cult of bathing in the sauna no, go there more for General relaxation.
However, in order to improve health in the sauna you need to change the heat to the cold, you have to jump in after a sauna in the pool, the presence of which it is considered mandatory. In addition to the pool in sauna should be a waiting room with massage tables.

A good bathhouse – light steam! To create the correct pairs in the bath to be poured over the heated stones of the water, whereby the vapor will disperse, is converted into hot air. However, unlike the steam sauna, it will not burn.
The main thing – it location of stones, saunas – outside the bath in the furnace. Remember that if the stove in the Russian steam bath will heat the air up to 40 degrees without water, it is very bad, because when couples succumb, it will dry up the broom in the same way as in the sauna.
In the sauna at a temperature of 100 degrees of steam to succumb to the dangerous.
The correct pairs in the bath you can create in three ways: first – – Russian, omitting pairs from brooms, sheets, towels, – Tartar when hovering waving brooms lower pairs, and the combined method, when the supply of hot air is lowered brooms down, waiting for part a couple of will gather on the ceiling.
To obtain a quality pair of the third way in the bath ceiling should be high, which is another difference between bath and sauna.
Sauna is useful in diseases of the cardio-vascular system, elevated pressure, and in diseases of the kidneys and the liver.
Bath helps in the treatment of diseases of oporno-impellent device, and also it is ideal for the treatment of respiratory tract, lungs and bronchi.
The conclusion is such that to give a definite answer, what is better bath or sauna impossible. You need to focus on their individual preferences, but remember that only the correct observance of the basic principles of soaring will give you an incomparable stay and a good mood.


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